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Vitamins Every Healthy Puppy Needs

Choose to add a puppy to your home and it’s soon easy to forget those things which could hurt or harm your pet.  While they aren’t always the happiest of thoughts, they’re still necessary things to consider.

We’ve already talked about various factors to consider when adding a puppy to the mix.  These include the types of foods they receive as well as which essentials are needed in your home when welcoming a new little puppy.  Today we’re excited to cover a proven necessity throughout the first years of your maturing dog’s life.  Sure to affect their health and quality of life, we’re talking about vitamins. 

Does my puppy need vitamins?

Vitamins are a beneficial feature for all puppies to have at a young age, considering they’re still growing. When determining if your puppy needs vitamin supplements, however, take note of the food he or she is consuming.  For small little pups, there are plenty of foods which already have vitamins in the mix.

If the kibble you’re choosing to feed your puppy has vitamins as an ingredient, then unless instructed otherwise by a professional veterinarian, avoid adding additional vitamins to the mix.  Too many vitamins in a puppy’s diet can actually cause an imbalance of hormones.  As a result, the vitamins will provide more harm than good for a growing little pup.

If you’re looking to get your puppy started on a high quality food, we recommend beginning with this puppy food for large dog breed puppies or this puppy food for medium and small dog breed puppies.

Perhaps you are using a standard food which doesn’t promote additional vitamins in the mix.  If so, consider adding the following vitamins to keep your puppy healthy and thriving.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is quite possibly the most beneficial vitamin for puppies.  Much of a puppy’s growth during his/her first year of life is directly connected to vitamin A.  From the actual size and weight gain we can expect to see in a puppy, to the support needed for healthy vision, hearing and an overall healthy immune system, vitamin A plays an essential role in the health of our pups.

Signs of a vitamin A deficiency include a struggle to gain weight, a weight drop, difficulty eating and difficulty breathing.  If your Fido is showing any of these symptoms, it may be your sign to add more vitamin A to your dog’s daily diet

Vitamin E

A major focus for vitamins is getting the proper nutrients we take to exactly where they need to be.  Unless our body is able to actually benefit from the vitamins consumed, vitamins will do nothing to promote a strong and healthy lifestyle.  The same is true for pets.  Vitamin E allows for red blood cells to form and transfer nutrients to the proper organs. So thanks to vitamin E and good oxygen flow, your puppy can experience good brain health and positive immune system levels.

If you start to notice your puppy having a difficult time seeing or hearing, or perhaps you’re simply not noticing much growth, you may want to add vitamin E into your pup’s daily regimen. While Vitamin E isn’t always the answer, because of the strong correlation between vitamin E and good puppy vision and hearing, it’s a plausible place to start.

Vitamin D

Regardless of which type of breed you have, vitamin D is necessary for strong bones. Larger dogs typically require these types of vitamins in their diet due to their speedy growth.  If you have a large dog, begin incorporating this vitamin into his or her diet at an earlier age to counter negative issues later in life.

While a vitamin D deficiency is common among larger dogs, it’s equally important for all dogs to have a dose of vitamin D on a regular basis. If your dog spends plenty of time outdoors, take note this is another fantastic way to keep your puppy from being deficient in vitamin D.

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As always, be sure to keep up with our blog posts.  We’ll continue to provide you with helpful tidbits, tips, and tricks to keep your puppy time fun and enjoyable.  


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