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The One and Only, German Wirehaired Pointer!

Sara Ochoa

By Dr. Sara Ochoa

Are you in the market for a furry companion?

A playmate for your kids?

Maybe a fellow cuddle bug or an active partner?

The German Wirehaired Pointer can play all the roles!

Don’t let their long name fool you, these doggos are quite the opposite of snooty!


This breed is known for being affectionate and loyal. They bond well with their owners!

There aren’t many red flags when it comes to this breed, but all their pros and cons will be discussed!

This article has topics spanning a large variety of things and it answers any and all questions you may have.

These sections cover their appearance, their personality, maintenance, and needs.

Also discussed is where they came from, and most importantly where you can find your own Pointer!


Are you ready to learn about this fun-loving, affectionate breed?

Then let’s read about the German Wirehaired Pointers!



German Wirehaired Pointer Appearance

German Wirehaired Pointers are in the Griffon dog family.

Typically recognizable by their coats and their distinctive bearded muzzle.

These types of dogs give off a rather sophisticated air.

However, their personality will tell you that they are the opposite of snobby or stuck up.


To some, they would be considered a large dog, standing anywhere from 22-26 inches tall at the shoulder.

These Pointers on average weigh about 60 pounds, most of which is strong muscle.


The most apparent feature of the German Wirehaired Pointer is their coat.

You know it must be important when their fur is mentioned in their name!

Coats come in 3 color combinations.

Liver is a reddish-brown color, it can be found solely or mixed with speckled white. Black and white coats are also very common for these Pointers.


True to its name, Wirehaired Pointers possess a very functional wiry undercoat.

Being weather-resistant and waterproof, it is perfectly suited for these outdoorsy pups!

In winter, the undercoat is dense enough to insulate against the cold. In the summer, however, it becomes so thin it is almost invisible.

The outer coat of the Pointers is short, harsh, and wiry.

Beard and whiskers are typically kept at medium length to preserve the bearded muzzle look on this gentleman breed.


Another section will cover the care that is needed to ensure their prize-winning coat is kept in tip-top shape!



German Wirehaired Pointer Personality

Energetic, intelligent, inquisitive, loving, and playful. Those are just a few adjectives that only begin to describe this breed.

Most likely, these Pointers won’t be content to be kennel dogs, they need room to roam and play.

Above all though, these pups are big on family and spending time with their owners.

They don’t normally give the time of day to strangers or other dogs unless trained to.


Pointers don’t like to be bored or left alone. They are definitely people dogs.

This breed is very adaptable to any environment. Perfect for a traveling person or persons or a household that is growing.

GWPs do well when they have a job to do or when they get to work with their owners.

Since they attach very quickly to their owners, they are very protective of the people they live with.

This trait combined with them being very vocal, makes them great watchdogs! 


Don’t let them overrun you! Make sure they know who the owner is. They are whip-smart and used to being in charge.

Overall, Pointers are at their happiest when they are getting plenty of quality time with their owners!



German Wirehaired Pointer Exercise

As stated before, German Wirehaired Pointers have endless energy.

They were bred to be hunters, so their endurance is boundless.

This breed isn’t a perfect first pet because of their exercise needs.

Playing with their owners is obviously ideal. However, if you live a hectic lifestyle, a fenced-in yard is a lifesaver!


While these pups can entertain themselves for short spans of time, playing games and stimulating them mentally is so crucial.

They are very intelligent dogs and that shouldn’t be wasted.


Daily walks and the occasional hike or run with their owner are thoroughly enjoyed by the Pointers!

Exercise time doesn’t have to be a chore. 

Teaching your pup games and tricks is a fun way to keep things interesting for both you and your companion!

Most of all, exercising is when that owner and pet bond is established!



German Wirehaired Pointer Grooming

While yes, this breed is low maintenance. Grooming is still very important in keeping their signature coat clean!

Loose hair and dirt can be eradicated by a weekly brushing with either a comb or a soft slicker brush.

Baths are also important and your GWP should get one at least once a month.


Ears should be checked regularly and cleaned if necessary.

When you can hear clicking nails you know it’s time for a trim!

Teeth should also be cleaned as often as deemed necessary.

Brands of shampoos and ear-cleaning solutions can be recommended by your local veterinarian.

If you are unsure about the process of any of the above caretaking, feel free to get help from your vet!

While grooming can seem like a frivolous activity, be assured that it is crucial to your pup’s happiness!

Be sure to take this time to show these doggos that you care about them!



German Wirehaired Pointer Training

Each dog has their own struggles when it comes to training, but it is all worth it!

Housebreaking is one of the first things to think about and begin with as it will save many messes and accidents!

Puppy training classes as well as early socialization are crucial to start when your pup is young.


Pointers are people pleasers, which makes them generally easy to train.

And flashing a few treats around every now and again sure helps!

They respond best to positive correction and encouragement.

Since they were raised to be hunters, they have a tendency to chase small animals or other pets.


GWPs are very intelligent and talented and they catch on fast.

While it requires extra training, Pointers excel in canine events.

Competing in these events challenges them physically and mentally.

Hunting, obedience, tracking, agility, and rally are a few of the activities that can be enjoyed by both the dog and the owner!


As was said about exercise, training is not only for the development of the dog but also for the bonding between you and your pup!

It takes lots of patience and perseverance but with your help, your German Wirehaired Pointer can live up to their full potential!



German Wirehaired Pointer Health

There are several health screenings and evaluations specific to the Pointers, and responsible breeders will screen their pups for any health problems or concerns.

Pointers are generally very healthy and there aren’t any diseases or disorders associated with this breed.

Given their active nature, hip and knee evaluation should be included in their vet visits.


Even though there aren’t any specific concerns, it is still important to care for your Pointer as best as you can.

Helping them live their best life includes monitoring their diet.

High-quality dog food should be available in correct quantities, based on their age and activity level.

As with any pup, fresh, clean water should be available at all times.


Visits to the vet should be regular and frequent.

It is important that your German Wirehaired Pointer is living its best life!


German Wirehaired Pointer History

Bred by British sportsmen to be a hunting dog, the GWP is very hardy and has endured much over its long history.

They were used to hunt a variety of birds on all kinds of terrain with an array of hunting techniques and various masters.

This explains their high level of adaptability.


Europe created do-it-all all dogs, including Italy’s Spinone; Hungary’s Vizsla; and Germany’s Wirehaired Pointer.

These three look very similar and are often mistaken for each other.

“European utility breeds” was the title given to this trio.

The original German name for this breed is Deutsch-Drahthaar.


The breeding of wire-coated pointing dogs became a fad among German sportsmen in the early 1800s.

By the end of the 1800s, there were many breeds similar to the German Wirehaired Pointer established.


Even from the beginning a Pointer’s coat always had top priority. 

Its usefulness in withstanding all types of extreme weather, its durability through rough terrain, and its waterproof suit of armor were of utmost importance.

Seemingly insignificant things such as its shaggy face and beard served the purpose of protection from cuts and scrapes as it scouted through the forest and brambles.

All around a very efficient and versatile dog.


In the 1920s, sportsmen from North America began importing them to the States.

Finally, in 1959, the AKC officially recognized the German Wirehaired Pointer breed.


Where Can I Find A German Wirehaired Pointer?

Where Can I Find German Wirehaired Pointer

Finding your little, loyal companion is an important decision.

As with any decision, you want to work with people you trust.

That’s why a reliable breeder is so crucial in a quest for a pup friend.

Puppy mills and scams are all over and you have to be very selective about your breeder.


Your breeder should have screening done for all their pups so they can inform you of any health problems or concerns.

They should have all of their medical papers and any documents pertaining to your pup.

All of these are the basics, a responsible and caring breeder should be able to tell you about all their breed and each pup specifically.

Always ask lots of questions and it is encouraged to meet your pup to decide if they are the match for you!

Each pup has a special and unique personality. That is why it is important to meet them before making your final decision!


Lastly, you can find your own GWP right here at VIP Puppies!

Find out today if this is the pup you have been wishing for!



Q: Are the German Wirehaired Pointer dogs good for families?

A: The German Wirehaired Pointer is a great family dog. They are loyal, affectionate, and love to play. They get along well with kids and other animals in the household. A German Wirehaired Pointer will be a good guard dog and bark at strangers when they approach your home.


Q: Are German Wirehaired Pointers clingy?

A: The German Wirehaired Pointer is a loving and loyal dog. They are affectionate and good with family members but can be reserved with strangers. The German Wirehaired Pointer gets attached quickly to those it lives with or the people it sees the most. So yes, more clingy than independent.


Q: Are German Wirehaired Pointers high maintenance?

A: The German Wirehaired Pointer is not a high-maintenance dog. No special grooming needs to be done, no special diet requirements and no special training or exercise is required. You will need to brush his coat regularly and make sure he gets plenty of exercise, but that’s about it!


In Closing

German Wirehaired Pointer

So, what do you think of this humble yet fascinating breed?

Could this be the running/active buddy you have been searching for?

Or maybe this is the travel companion you have been wanting.

Possibly this could be the family pet you know your children would love!


The German Wirehaired Pointers are very versatile and functional dogs.

They aim to please you in any way they can!

Rest assured you will feel plenty of love from these pups!


Give them a chance to make you smile today!

Find out if the German Wirehaired Pointer is for you!



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