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Boston Terrier


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Boston Terrier Breed Group: Non-sporting

Height: 12 – 15 inches at the shoulder

Weight: 10 – 25 pounds

Life Span: 13 – 15 years

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Breed Info


Compact and charming, the Boston Terrier is a lover of people and star companion dog.

He’ll be forever formally dressed in tuxedo like markings and has been nicknamed an “American Gentleman”.

First entering the world in Boston, Mass., these little terriers are enemies with no one and love life alongside children and other household pets.

Strangers will become fast friends and snuggles are a must with these guys.

Bostons love their people, thrive on attention and can enjoy a good life anywhere whether it’s a city apartment or sprawling countryside dwelling.

They’ll be your steady couch potato or adventurous outdoor mate.

Whatever you’re up to, they are all in.

Bostons are easy to house train and are not your nuisance barker.

They’re intelligent and quick to excel in anything from learning tricks to competitions involving agility, obedience, flyball and rally.

They’ve also proved themselves as superb therapy dogs.

Whether you’re looking for an active companion or favorite snuggle buddy, you may have just met your dream.





Friendly, adaptable, enthusiastic.

Bostons greet with intelligent expression, they’ll sport a real sense of humor and they love some good clowning time.





Exercise demands are only moderate.

Consider starting with a half-hour walk each day.

You might also include some outside playtime, consistent training sessions and lively games of Frisbee in the back yard.

Whatever you’re up for, your Boston will meet you there.

They can live just about anywhere, just be sure to give them plenty of time with their people (they simply adore their humans!).

Be warned: not all Bostons are perfect.

Any breed can develop obnoxious levels of barking and unacceptable behaviors without proper training.

Typically Boston Terriers learn quickly and thrive on good training, but every dog is different.

Discover what motivates your Boston the most.

Perhaps it is food, positive praise or a favorite toy.

Once discovered, you’ll enjoy some positive leverage.

Begin training the first day you bring your puppy home.

Even at eight weeks they are capable of soaking up lots so don’t delay training for even a month.



If possible, get your puppy into kindergarten classes by ten to twelve weeks and socialize, socialize, socialize your little companion.

Proper puppy socialization will promise you a well-rounded and friendly little Boston.





Grooming demands are low when it comes to a Boston Terrier.

Their stunning coat is short and smooth and sheds only little, plus they leave almost no odor.

Look forward to a weekly brushing with these gems and give a good bath every few months.

The rest is basic care.

Clean your Boston’s ears to avoid buildup of wax and debris, trim nails regularly and keep those teeth glistening with a vet-approved toothpaste.



When looking for your perfect Boston Terrier, take note that a puppy is the product of its background and breeding.

Look for a puppy with parents of good personality as well as one that’s been well socialized from its early days.



What is the Best Boston Terrier Dog Food? 


Similar to your own body, your canine’s development and growth is directly connected with what goes inside his or her system.

As a result, start your Boston Terrier puppy on one of the best Boston Terrier puppy foods specifically designed for puppies in the small dog breed family.

Each bag of goodness is made with the finest ingredients and includes a wholesome balance of protein, calories and calcium which target healthy puppies through six months of age.

Your Boston Terrier puppy will love the kibble size and tasty flavor, plus you can rest confident your Fido is getting the food he or she needs for healthy and controlled growth.

After that six month birthday, your growing puppy will be ready to transition into a premium All Stage Dog Food designed to promote long and happy canine lives.

Each package of All Stage Dog Food contains a healthy dose of Omega 3 and 6 to promote a healthy coat and skin.

Plus, every batch is carefully mixed inside the United States and is 100% free from corn, wheat gluten, and artificial flavors and colors.





Why you shouldn’t purchase a Boston Terrier:

They snort, they wheeze and they slobber.


Why you should purchase a Boston Terrier:

They’re small and sturdy and great travel buddies.

They’ll greet with large expressive eyes, be polite to everyone and love a good dog game.  



Quick facts:

  • Boston Terriers are clothed in stunning color combinations including brindle and white, black and white, brown and white, and seal and white.  Hello little tuxedo!
  • Boston Terriers were first bred in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Bostons were first call Round Heads, Bullet Heads and Bull Terriers.  Not until 1889 were they recognized as the Boston Terrier. 



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