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Affenpinscher Breed Group: Toy

Height: 9 – 12 inches at the shoulder

Weight: 6-13 pounds

Life Span: 10 to 12 years

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Breed Info


The Affenpinscher is a delightfully adventurous little guy sporting a “big dog”attitude.

Dating back to the seventeenth century, Affenpinschers began in Germany and proved excellent rodent killers.

While black is the preferred color, Affenpinschers can also be found with coats of black and tan, silver-grey, red, or a mixture of these colors.

Take one glance at the Affenpinscher and you’ll notice a facial expression sporting a beard and long eyebrows creating a comically serious expression.

Over the head and shoulders, the coat is shaggier creating the appearance of a mane.

When maintained, the coat presents a harsh and wiry texture.





Adventurous, curious, fun-loving, playful, and tough.

Affenpinschers are confident and lively and are distinguished from other terriers by their quality of being good with other pets.

Their alert nature makes them excellent watch dogs and you can expect them to keep your home rodent free.

These dogs love to climb and bark and are extremely loyal to family.





The Affenpinscher is a companion dog intended to live inside your home.

Be sure to vary training with lively indoor games, short walks on a leash, and outdoor romps.

Expect to comb your Affenpinscher two to three times a week, supplemented with occasional plucking and trimming to maintain a shaggy yet neat appearance.



What is the Best Affenpinscher Dog Food? 


Similar to your own body, your canine’s development and growth is directly connected with what goes inside his or her system.

As a result, start your Affenpinscher puppy on one of the best Affenpinscher puppy foods specifically designed for puppies in the small dog breed family.

Each bag of goodness is made with the finest ingredients and includes a wholesome balance of protein, calories and calcium which target healthy puppies through six months of age.

Your Affenpinscher puppy will love the kibble size and tasty flavor, plus you can rest confident your Fido is getting the food he or she needs for healthy and controlled growth.

After that six month birthday, your growing puppy will be ready to transition into a premium All Stage Dog Food designed to promote long and happy canine lives.

Each package of All Stage Dog Food contains a healthy dose of Omega 3 and 6 to promote a healthy coat and skin.

Plus, every batch is carefully mixed inside the United States and is 100% free from corn, wheat gluten, and artificial flavors and colors.





Why you shouldn’t purchase an Affenpinscher:

They love to bark and they can be high maintenance as their rough wiry coat requires regular brushing and trimming.


Why you should purchase an Affenpinscher:

They are small, easy to carry and make keen watchdogs.



Quick facts:

  • In German, affe means monkey and pinscher is terrier.
  • Affenpinschers have a notable monkey-like expression and are fond of monkey behavior
  • Affenpinschers are affectionate toward and protective of family members



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