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Online Pet Store & Dog Supplies

Check out our online pet store and find elite dog supplies! It’s no lie dogs are a man’s best friend.  They’ll cheer a hurting child, boost recovery for the injured, instigate lots of laughs, protect with their lives and be a steady family favorite.  In turn, VIP Puppies offers carefully selected dog products to help you best care for your growing four-legged friend.  Whether you’re just welcoming home your first little puppy, looking to treat your adult dog or wishing to ease your senior’s life, we offer dog products for every step of the journey.

For the first time puppy owner, why not promise your puppy a warm welcome home with this elite puppy gift box.  Following the welcome, we’ve got products, treats and toys to keep your dog healthy and thriving, regardless of their age. Also be sure to select age-appropriate dog food, sturdy dog bowls and a few posh dog collars to start your puppy’s journey on the right paw.

In addition, consider a quality dog crate a canine essential.  It’ll serve as your puppy’s little den.  Plus, it may allow your dog to feel safe even when away from home.  Be sure the crate is size appropriate for your furry friend and always make comfort a priority.

Enjoy bonding with your growing canine over a daily exercise routine.  Take a walk through the park.  Go on a hike in the woods.  Stroll through a favorite dog park.  Play a game of fetch.  All the while keeping your canine looking posh and safe with our stylish dog clothing and comfy doggy boots.

Avoid excessive chewing on shoes and furniture by amping up doggy playtime with several new dog toys.  Browse our comfortable dog crates to find a size appropriate doggy den.  Plus, snatch a few tools from our variety of dog training supplies to keep training sessions fun, exciting and new.

In addition, pack in a few delicious dog treats to seamlessly complement your canine’s mealtime.  Be alert for what makes your dog most happy and offer rewards through treats and lots of positive praise.

And ever neglect those canine essentials.  Be sure to always have a few posh collars on hand.  Utilize our sturdy dog bowls for pleasant meal times.  Grab a few gifts for your fellow dog lovers, and kudos to staying ahead!

After the training and playtime and exercise and meals are all finished for the day, reward your canine friend with a deluxe bedtime experience. Whether it’s a cool puppy mat, an inviting dog house, a plush blanket and pillow, or a deluxe dog bed, tuck your dog in with style and be assured they’ll be resting well all through the night.

Whether you’re looking for your very first puppy or you simply want to treat your adult dog or spoil your canine senior, browse our selection of quality puppies and products below.  We’re here to meet your puppy needs.

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