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Countless interruptions. Endless phone-calls. Piles of paperwork. Concerned costumers. 6 months old and your puppies are still not home…..we get it. And that’s why we’re inviting you to become a VIP breeder today. Because we want you to thrive and we want your puppies home on time.


Join the VIP community and enjoy premium access to your very own on-line store front where you can display prized canines, show off glowing ratings and reviews and start a waiting list for future litters. In addition, offer an attractive puppy e-book to customers (this one’s on us!), include a beautifully packaged welcome kit with every single puppy, and enjoy selling with absolute confidence.

Usage and Pricing

Easy Litter Upload

Thoughtful features like our "Duplicate Option" make it simple to upload multiple dogs from the same litter.

Cheap Rates

Choose between our Good, Better, or Best packages to sell puppies online. Each package includes a personalized mini-website with your own web address. With your mini website, you can list available puppies for sale, create a waiting list for future litters, display parent photos, and more. In addition, we'll list your puppies on and you'll be listed in our breeder directory. View breeder plans here.

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Enjoy access to your very own mini-website ( where you can list and sell your puppies. Plus, you can display your puppy parents, post five-star ratings and reviews, gather a waiting list for future puppy litters, share your personal dog-breeding story, and more.

Video Descriptions

Wow your next customers by including videos of your puppies or products. It's time you stand out from competitors!

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Looking for more visibility to sell your puppies? Secure a spot on our front page. Contact us for rates.


Stay Protected & Avoid Scams

Network with other breeders and sellers to learn latest trends in puppy selling, collect industry advice and stay informed of buyer fraud.

Connect Locally

Connect with nearby customers through our store locator and meet your puppy's new owner in person.

Delivering Goodness

Free Puppy Listings for Rescues & Shelters

We support rescue shelters by listing their puppies free of charge. Yes, we're excited about doing all we can to get puppies into loving homes!

Still Have Questions?

Find answers on our Breeder FAQ.

Family Owned

We’re a family owned business from Fort Wayne, IN and are passionate about serving the puppy community. We value dog breeders and their puppies and know first-hand the hard work that goes into raising elite puppies. That’s why we’re working hard to sell your puppies on time. Just enjoy your pups and let the headaches to us. We’ve got you covered!

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