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Why Quality Makes a Difference With Your Dog’s Food

Some things in life shouldn’t be budged, regardless the price tag.  Instead, because of the quality included, suddenly the price due becomes far more reasonable.  One such item, when there’s a pet in the picture, is food being purchased.

With the variety of brands and types of food to be found in pet stores, it’s easy to turn toward the most affordable option on the shelf.  Still, there are a few reasons why investing in higher quality food is beneficial.  These include, but are not limited to, the following.  


One way cheaper dog food brands manage to keep their costs low is the quality of ingredients they’re including in their food. In contrast, more expensive brands of food will consist of ingredients which not only allow your dog to enjoy his/her meal, but also encourage strong and healthy lives.  When looking to purchase your Fido’s next bag of delicious kibble, look for ingredients similar to what you enjoy in your own daily menu. 

For example, high quality dog food will have ingredients like meat and vegetables listed among the top three recipe ingredients.  Conversely, cheaper brands will stick cornstarch at the top of their ingredient list.  If cornstarch is listed among the first three ingredients on your dog food bag, we suggest switching to a healthier brand.

Minimize Scraps

Dogs will be dogs.  As a result, it goes without saying they’ll likely start begging when taunted with tasty food. While this isn’t uncommon for dogs, it can be the cause of unhealthy weight gain.  To ovoid unwanted obesity, why not get straight to the root problem: their hunger.  

If your dog isn’t enjoying his/her food, then they’ll always have room for treats, scraps, and random objects around the house.  While a high-quality dog food brand may not be a cure all, it’s definitely a starting point.  It goes nearly without saying that when your dog enjoys the food, he or she will have no need to look elsewhere for doggy goodies.

The quality of food you’re providing your puppy is something that will directly impact how your dog develops and grows.  In order for your furry friend to live the best life possible, consider what nutrition your dog is currently receiving.

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