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Puppy Training Basics For The New Dog Owner

Getting a puppy is a very exciting and wonderful time. Whether you’re thinking about adopting a puppy from a nearby shelter or you’re purchasing a purebred Yorkshire Terrier online, it’s important to start training your furry friend as soon as you bring them home. Unfortunately, many new dog owners don’t know the first thing about properly training their puppy. From teaching your four-legged friend table manners to learning to read your dog’s body language, there are many things to look forward to as a new dog owner. In this blog, we’ll touch on some puppy training basics so you can set your pooch up for training success.

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Puppy Training BasicsPuppy training basics infographic for the new dog owner.

For a truly successful outcome training your new pup, it’s important to create a regular training routine with them. When you’re a puppy, everything around you is new and exciting. This means that when you first start to train your little furball, they will likely see your training efforts as a playful game. This is why it’s so important to keep your training sessions short and sweet. When you first start teaching your puppy how to sit, stay, and lay down, keep each training session to five minutes or less.

Teaching Table Manners

Saying no to a puppy can be very hard, especially for a new dog owner. When you first bring your puppy home, they will want to get into everything they can. It’s important to remember that giving into your pup’s every need is not a good form of training. As your puppy starts to explore his or her surroundings, make sure you monitor what they have immediate access to. Is your puppy constantly trying to get into the trash? Does he or she beg every time you eat something in front of them? If you answered yes to these questions, it’s important to set the proper boundaries for your pooch before they start running the house. When you cave and give in to sharing your table scraps with your dog, you are teaching them that if they beg, they will get what they want.

Housebreaking Your Puppy

Housebreaking your puppy is one of the hardest things to overcome as a new dog owner. In the early stages of housebreaking, you’ll want to make sure your puppy has a place to relieve him or herself. Every morning, bring your puppy to the same spot outside, and make this a daily venture. It’s important that your puppy develops a routine, as this will make the potty training process much easier.

We hope these puppy training tips help you and your pooch develop a lifelong friendship. If you’re shopping for a puppy online, be sure to visit today.

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