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Why the Brand of Puppy Food Makes a Difference

We’ve touched on it a few times, still, puppies remain an expensive addition to the family.  One item which people often forget to consider is the cost of food. This is an item you can expect to be purchasing on a consistent basis.  Plus, depending on your choice of breed or the number of dogs you have, you may be needing food in large quantities too. Similar to purchasing goodies for a child, the quality of food you purchase for Fido can cause the price to fluctuate. So does this mean you should sacrifice quality for a more affordable brand?

VIP Puppies was designed to provide puppies with a better quality of life.  We want to ensure folks who are adding puppies to their home know what they’re stepping into. In regards to the brand of food purchased, we suggest taking careful consideration before snatching the lowest priced bag from your local pet store.  In the following post, we’ll cover the basics of what to look for when choosing a dog food and why cheaper may not always be better.


As a puppy, your new furry friend will need specific nutrients to live a long and healthy life. No doubt any food they eat now is contributing to the foundation of their future. Subsequently, your puppy is going to need vitamins and nutrients to maintain positive energy, good health, a beautiful coat, strong joints and so much more. Fortunately, many of the nutrients needed for young puppies to thrive is included on any quality puppy food ingredient list.


If you are eating a diet based on healthy foods, then you’re already familiar with the ingredient label found on many different types of food. This label provides us with information on what is inside the things we’re putting in our body.  From the label, we can then determine if that food product is a good choice for our specific diet. The same is true for dog food!

Today unfortunately much of the food available to dogs and maturing puppies lacks good nutrition.  For example, many food varieties list cornstarch among the top three ingredients on a dog food bag.  While cornstarch may not be “horrible”, it should not compose the majority of what your dog is eating.  To avoid excessive cornstarch consumption, simply check the nutrition label on your puppy food bag.  If cornstarch is listed among the first three ingredients, it’s time to move on over and look at other brands of food.

What to Look For

Each brand you consider feeding to your puppy should include a meat based protein.  The more meat, the better.  Also look for foods which contain fruits and vegetables in order to know you’re providing your Fido with a healthy diet. In addition, you can feel comfortable with your dog’s quality of food if there is an expiration date within the next 6 months of the current date.

Ensure your pup has everything he or she needs to thrive as a puppy. If you are curious which food to try, we suggest starting with our high quality dog food designed to help puppies and dogs thrive through all stages of life.  Get your first bag of high quality puppy food here.

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