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How to Help Your Puppy Get Over a Cold

You try your best.

You wash your hands frequently.

You keep a mini bottle of sanitizer.

You even use those disinfect wipes to clean the cart when you’re out shopping.

Yet, the cold that’s going around got you anyway.

Congested, feverish, and miserable, you want your cozy bed and your puppy.

Lately, he’s been acting strangely lethargic and has been sneezing mildly.

Is it possible for puppies to get colds too?

Believe it or not, dogs do get colds.

Though they get sick for different reasons than us, there are shared symptoms and comparable home remedies you should know to help them recover.

  • Know the Symptoms

Similar to newborn babies, a puppy’s immune system isn’t developed enough to fight bacteria and viruses on its own, making them susceptible to colds.

We cannot pass our colds to them, nor can puppies pass their colds to us.

Nonetheless, they can still experience symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose, headache, and fever.

  • Know the Home Remedies

sad sick puppy

When they’re ill, over-the-counter medicines usually aren’t recommended for puppy care, particularly not human cold medicines.

Instead, old-fashioned, home remedies are preferred to soothe and relieve cold symptoms.

As odd as it might sound, chicken soup is beneficial for dogs too.

It provides nutrition, energy, and keeps them hydrated.

Choose a low-sodium version with chicken breast and brown rice, or try a homemade recipe for dogs, and serve lukewarm.

Steam keeps a puppy’s bronchial passages open and moist, so they can breathe.

You can run hot water in the bathroom, close the door, and sit with your puppy as he breathes in steam from the tub/shower.

Alternatively, you can use a humidifier.

Make sure your little one has plenty of fluids.

Water and broth from the soup are best for puppy care.

Do not use juice.

Protect your puppy from the cold.

Give him plenty of rest in warm, insulated bedding.

Consider heating up his bed with a hot water bottle, a heating pad, or really pamper him with a heated pet bed.

  • Know When to See Your Vet

Sometimes attention, love, and home remedies aren’t enough.

If your puppy stops eating, coughing is incessant, or coughing interferes with your puppy’s sleep, see your vet.

Kennel Cough is the most common cause of colds and is treated with medicine.

If your puppy’s been coughing consistently, has a low fever, and yellow discharge from his nose, see your vet for a diagnosis.

When your pup’s been sick a few days or isn’t showing signs of improvement, see your vet for the right puppy care.

Left untreated, colds and viruses may develop into pneumonia – the painful inflammation of the lungs, coughing, and difficulty breathing that plagues us.

Above all, trust your parent’s intuition.

If you have doubts, don’t wait; see your vet.

Both you and your puppy will rest easier.

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