Dog Treats & Chews (5)

Dog Treats and Dog Chews

For meal time necessities or favorite snack breaks, puppy treats from VIP Puppies present the perfect addition to any puppy stash.  Choose from gourmet dental treats and grain free chewies, or opt for a bag of Wholesome Hearts Low-Fat treats to add a smile on your puppy dog’s face.  Plus, a variety of textures and flavors ensures there is a treat for every budding Fido.

Wholesome puppy treats.  Not only are they delicious, they’re also an essential training aid for every single puppy.  Whether you’ve got yourself a steady couch potato, an athletic canine, or an aging doggy citizen, go ahead and be prepared to award those charming doggy behaviors with premium dog and puppy treats.

When talking treats, cheap is not always better.  Beyond scanning mere price tags, go ahead and also read through those lists of ingredients.  Be sure each bag of goodies is not only delicious, but also packed with high quality ingredients designed to promote good dog health in your favorite canine buddy.

Because what a dog consumes is bound to affect canine development and growth, VIP Puppies offers a premium selection of healthy dog treats.  Each bag of treats is specially designed to keep your canine healthy and thriving throughout life.  In addition, our treats are made with care in a United States bakery and are sure to be a favorite reward for your growing pup.

If you’d like a tasty grain free treat option, try our Grain Free Turkey and Berry Chewies.  Mixed with a savory smoke flavor, each treat is packed with delicious turkey and berries and is 100% grain free.

Struggling with bad dog breath or consistently yellow teeth?  Your dog needn’t stop being amazing just because there is a problem with yucky doggy breath.  Simply snatch a bag of our Gourmet Dental Treats.  Each bag is loaded with wholesome ingredients designed to promote strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh puppy breath.  Nourishing ingredients including probiotics are also packed into each bag of treats while every treat is gluten free and void of any artificial preservatives and colors.

Our array of wholesome puppy treats proves that treats aren’t just for rewarding good behavior.  Dog treats can also present ample opportunity for supplementing your doggy’s daily diet with tasty vitamin varieties.  For a puppy needing a healthy immune system boost, the Antioxidant Health Bars offer a powerful antioxidant system packed with vitamins C, E and beta-carotene.  Not to mention, they’re 100% free from artificial preservatives and colors.

In addition, certain seasons require unique food combinations.  If you’re looking to treat your Fido but are combating a bit of doggy chub, consider supplementing between meals with our Wholesome Hearts Low-Fat Treats.  Not only are these treats shaped into winsome little hearts, they are also fortified with L-Carnitine designed to help your dog properly utilize body fat.  Each batch of treats also presents a delightful aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and cloves.  And yes, every single treat is guaranteed to be free of artificial preservatives and colors.

To keep up with the different seasons of your fur-ball’s life, dog treats from VIP Puppies present absolute quality for every single stage.  Whether you’re looking to reward good dog behavior, supplement between meals, or add a touch of gourmet to those daily dog dinners, VIP dog treats present tasty goodness for all occasions.

In addition, treats from VIP Puppies reflect not only your pup’s favorite snack but also your personal attention to detail.  If you’re wanting something practical or are looking to splurge and spoil a bit, you can be certain you’ll find it all right here.

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