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Small Dog Breeds for Sale

Big attitude meets small size when greeting members of the small dog breed family. Including the world’s littlest dogs, small dog breeds weigh less than 22 pounds and stand no taller than 16” at the shoulder. They are a pack of little dogs who will stay small for a lifetime while presenting heaps of variety in personality, color, hair type, and more.

Whether you’re looking to bring home a bundle of action or a docile lap buddy, the small dog breed family has your match. From wild and adventurous to sweet, quiet, and gentle, there’s a little canine breed ready to compliment every lifestyle. There’s kid-friendly, pet-friendly, long and short haired. What’s more, these little fur-bundles are excellent travel companions. They are easily portable, they demand little space, and they’ll turn heads when toted in a posh doggy purse.

Small dog breeds can settle nearly anywhere and are quick to thrive in small apartment living. Lower dog costs are also connected with mini canines as a small dog will consume less food and is often cheaper to board. Vet bills may also see a decline, considering a small dog will require less meds to boost their little bodies. Plus, small dogs are known to live longer than their larger dog cousins.

Grooming requirements will also vary between breeds. Low maintenance little dogs include Chihuahuas, Beagles, Boston Terriers and Pugs. Or if you’re searching for a manicured pup who will thrive on lots of care, you might instead consider a Toy Poodle, Shi Tzu, Bichon Frise, Maltese, or Yorkshire Terrier.

Sure, a small little pup won’t enjoy a long run through the country. However, regular exercise is still key for a happy and healthy little dog. Be sure there’s always plenty of water and monitor your dog closely for any signs of fatigue. Keep training fun with lots of positive praise, occasional tricks, and favorite doggy treats.
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