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Large Dog Breed Puppies for Sale

Stunning appearance.  Intimidating gaze.  Crazy big action.  Go ahead and tip your hat to the large dog breed puppies for sale.  Contrary to first impressions, these beautiful hunks are often gentle at heart and ready to join alongside loving families and active singles.  Once an adult, large dog breeds weigh between 50 – 100 pounds and stand 23 – 28 inches tall at the shoulder.

The large dog breed pack includes Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Cane Corsos, Collies, and Bernese Mountain Dogs, among others.  Similar to other canine sizes, large dogs vary lots in personality, exercise needs, color, and coat types.  Whether you’re searching for a gentle companion, and calm canine buddy, a loyal friend, or a protective hunk, chances are high you’ll meet your match among the large dog breeds.

Think Big! 

Lots of exercise is a must for the maturing large dog.  While a daily walk around the block is a start, large canines provide excellent jogging partners and love some good adventure.  Also be quick to start training when your pup arrives home.  While darling as puppies, give a large dog breed room to grow and you’ll be left with a stubborn monster unless properly trained.

Always be firm, kind, and consistent when teaching your puppy the rules of life.  Establish who is boss, and enjoy lots of bonding while keeping training fun.  Intersperse training with lots of positive praise, frequent rewards, and an occasional trick.  In turn, you can expect an obedient canine who is loyal to the core.

While massive in appearance, some large dog breeds are actually fragile inside.  Toting about all their muscle and mass eventually take a toll.  Consequently, many large canines live shorter lives than their smaller doggy cousins.

True to that big dog size, welcome a large dog breed home and prepare for big smiles, bigger laughs, and lots of priceless memories.

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