Giant Dog Breeds (11)

Giant Dog Breeds for Sale

Giant dog breeds are a consistent family favorite.  Bundled inside a serious hunk of canine, these favorites can prove intimidating at first glance.

There’s no universal size and weight for these giants.  Typically, however, giant dog breeds weigh at least 100 pounds and stand 24” or taller at the shoulder.

Due to increased body mass and muscle strain, giant dogs typically enjoy a shorter lifespan than their smaller canine equivalents.  As a result, a giant dog breed lives an average of 8 – 12 years.

Take Your Pick! 

Like any other dog breed group, giant dog breeds sport an incredibly large variety in temperament, activity level and grooming requirements.  From sweet couch potatoes to highly active athletes, chances are high you’ll find your match among the giant dog breed family.  There’s loyal, intelligent, spunky, easily trainable, and everything in between when browsing giant dog breeds.

Many giant dogs are dream family pets and are quick to protect those considered close.  They’ll risk their lives and go to great extremes in keeping danger at bay.  Their size alone is sufficient to keep many an unwanted trespasser away.  In addition, giant dogs are on steady alert and will be quick to notify you should anything ever appear out of the ordinary.

No matter how desperately you want your puppy to mature, never try expediting growth with a growing giant canine.  Rather, expect a giant dog to take longer to mature than their small canine counterparts.  Be sure to also keep their diet healthy and full of nutrients.  Plan for consistent and steady growth with a growing giant to ensure proper dog health.

While a giant may prefer a home sporting a large yard and lots of play area, provided their exercise needs are met, a giant dog can make his dwelling nearly anywhere.  From a tiny city apartment to a sprawling ranch, most giants are flexible and quick to adapt to their surroundings.  Just be sure sufficient exercise is provided.  Otherwise, you’ll be left with a bored and destructive giant sure to incur lots of damage.

Giant dog breeds include: 

Rottweilers, Saint Bernards, Great Danes, Doberman Pinschers, Akitas and Bullmastiffs.

For more information regarding the giant dog breed, click here.  Also be sure to consider these four preliminary questions prior to bringing home your first giant dog breed.

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