Giant Dog Breeds For Adoption

Say hello to a serious hunk of canine when searching for your next giant dog breed for sale.  While some are gentle giants at heart, from first impression most are an intimidating giant sure to deter any unwanted foes.

To date, there’s no universal weight or size listed for the giant dog breed.  Typically, however, they’ll weigh in at 100 pounds or more and stand at least 24” inches at the shoulder.

A giant’s average lifespan is fewer years than their smaller canine counterparts and spans anywhere from 8 – 12 years.

Like smaller dog families, the variety among giant dog breeds is large.  From cool and calm to energetic and boisterous, you’re sure to find a temperament to compliment your personality among the giant canine family.  Activity levels also range from low to excessively high and grooming requirements are equally as diverse.

The majority of giant dog breeds make dream family pets and are quick to bond with anyone considered family.  They’ll risk their very lives to protect loved ones and will work to keep danger at bay.  They are alert through and through and their size alone is often sufficient to keep trespassers at bay.  No need to worry when your giant is around as he or she will be diligent to sound warnings should anything appear amiss.

Never attempt to expedite growth with your growing giant breed puppy.  Giant dog breeds simply take longer to mature (versus smaller dog breeds) and require a healthy diet to ensure steady and consistent growth.

Provided exercise needs are met, a giant dog breed can settle nearly anywhere whether it’s a small city apartment, a cute suburban cottage or a country farm with sprawling acreage.

Giant dog breeds include Great Danes, Akitas, Bullmastiffs, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Saint Bernards and more.

For more information regarding giant dog breeds, click here.  In addition, be sure to consider these four questions prior to bringing home your first canine giant.

Below are the giant dog breeds we currently have for adoption.  Take time to compare your favorites, talk to various dog breeders, and enjoy making an informed and confident decision.

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