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Labrador Retriever


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Labrador Retriever Breed Group: Sporting

Height:  21.5 – 24.5 inches at the shoulder

Weight:  55-80 pounds

Life Span:  10-13 years

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Breed Info


For more than ten years the Labrador Retriever has consistently ranked the most popular purebred dog in the United States.

Presenting a strong build, they are smart, fun loving and of medium size.

The Labrador Retriever outperforms other dogs in proving extraordinarily versatile as it exudes potential for being a favorite companion, hunting partner, guide or service dog, canine athlete, or therapy stimulator.

The Labrador Retriever is well suited for active families with energetic older children.

Keep an eye on your Retriever around toddlers though.

Sometimes a Lab can become just a bit too rambunctious around little ones and have them toppled over in moments.

The Labrador Retriever is great for those who love outdoors.

In addition, their size coupled with steady temperament renders them a dream companion for active seniors in search of a walking buddy.





Welcoming you with kind eyes, the Labrador Retriever is outgoing, eager to please, and often void of aggression toward people and other animals.

Be warned that prior to age two or three, a Labrador puppy is extremely active and even destructive at times.

The Labrador Retriever has three defining traits:

It is active.

It loves to get wet.

It loves to eat.





Make no mistake.

The Labrador Retriever is an active beauty and should engage in a couple of half hour walks or runs daily.

Give your Labrador outlets for its energy and you’ve got yourself a great dog.

Otherwise you can expect to come behind your Labrador mending holes, sewing tears, and mopping messes as it finds its own means for entertainment.

When given adequate exercise, a Labrador Retriever can do well in anything from a small city apartment to a large sprawling ranch.

Never leave these dogs in isolation and begin at a young age incorporating them into your family.

Start training the first day you bring your puppy home.



Even at eight weeks they are capable of soaking up lots so don’t delay training for even a month.

Be patient and consistent.

If possible, get your puppy into kindergarten classes by ten to twelve weeks and socialize, socialize, socialize your little companion.

Begin training at home by socializing your puppy to family and friends.





The Labrador Retriever is relatively easy to care for but do remember a few elements.

Labs shed.

Expect to brush your lab once or twice each week to keep less hair on your furniture and more hair on the brush.

Labs love to get wet.

After their water adventures, give them a thorough freshwater rinse to remove any chlorine, salt or lake muck that could damage the coat.

Also dry the ears after each swim to avoid any unwanted infections.

The rest is basic care.

Clean your Retrievers ears to avoid buildup of wax and debris, trim nails regularly, bathe the beauty only when dirty and brush teeth frequently for improved breath and good dog health.





Labrador Retriever

From Visually.



What is the Best Labrador Retriever Dog Food? 


Similar to your own body, your canine’s development and growth is directly connected with what goes inside his or her system.

As a result, start your Labrador Retriever puppy on one of the best Labrador Retriever puppy foods specifically designed for puppies in the medium dog breed family.

Each bag of goodness is made with the finest ingredients and includes a wholesome balance of protein, calories and calcium which target healthy puppies through six months of age.

Your Labrador Retriever puppy will love the kibble size and tasty flavor, plus you can rest confident your Fido is getting the food he or she needs for healthy and controlled growth.

After that six month birthday, your growing puppy will be ready to transition into a premium All Stage Dog Food designed to promote long and happy canine lives.

Each package of All Stage Dog Food contains a healthy dose of Omega 3 and 6 to promote a healthy coat and skin.

Plus, every batch is carefully mixed inside the United States and is 100% free from corn, wheat gluten, and artificial flavors and colors.




Why you shouldn’t purchase a Labrador Retriever:

Unless you’ve got time to channel its exuberant energies, the Labrador Retriever can soon prove destructive.


Why you should purchase a Labrador Retriever:

A Labrador Retriever has the versatility many other dogs only dream of.

It can make an excellent companion, accompany family on hunting and fishing escapades, stir awe while walking through a show ring, and so much more.     



Quick facts:

  • Unless a Labrador Retriever receives daily exercise and mental stimulation, it can soon grow very destructive.
  • The coat of a Labrador Retriever comes in three colors: black, yellow and chocolate
  • A Labrador Retriever typically has a litter of 6 – 8 puppies.

Where do you rate this breed on a scale of 1-10? Let us know in the comments below!



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