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Bernese Mountain Dog


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Breed Group: Working

Height: 23 – 28 inches at the shoulder

Weight: 79 – 110 pounds

Life Span: 6 – 8 years

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Breed Info


Arriving straight from the Western Alps is today’s cherished and loved Bernese Mountain dog.

Originally these gentle giants spent their days working on Swiss farms.

From pulling carts to driving livestock to serving as watchdog, these dogs did it all when it came to farm life.

Today they are a favorite companion and excellent show dog competing in agility, herding, tracking, drafting and obedience.

You might also consider enlisting a Bernese Mountain Dog for training as a therapy dog as they are perfect height to keep one company at a bedside.

Cold climates are the Berners sweet spot and a romp through the snow will be a real joy.

When the cold is not your reality, be sure to provide your Berner with ample shade and plenty of water.

Berners are mostly peaceful with other animals and love to play alongside children.

They’re steady tempered and patient and love life with their humans.

Be warned, they’ll probably especially attach themselves to one specific family member.-AMAZONPOLLY-ONLYWORDS-START-




Versatile, loyal, intelligent.

The Bernese Mountain dog is affectionate with family, a calm and study presence in the home and good natured at heart.-AMAZONPOLLY-ONLYWORDS-START-




Bernese Mountain Dogs absolutely love the outdoors.

If you’re looking for a couch potato only, don’t even think about a Berner.

Expect to provide your Berner with lots of exercise and mental stimulation.

Consider starting with a half-hour walk each day plus some vigorous play time.

Include hearty games of Frisbee, a hike through the wood or training in agility, drafting and obedience.

Provided his exercise needs are met, the Berner can make his dwelling in a small city apartment or a sprawling ranch.

Indoors he’ll be affectionate and relaxed throughout the home with only a seldom bark, that is if his exercise needs are met.

Remove exercise and you’ll be left with a lonely, bored dog finding entertainment in destructive alternatives.

Always avoid restraining your Bernese Mountain dog to a mere chain for extended periods of time with little human attention.

Not only is excessive chaining cruel, it could also lead to unwanted aggression and destructive behavior.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are eager to please and quick to learn.

Like any puppy though, they love to chew when young and their size can make the destruction intimidating.

In addition, Berners are cautious by default and unless channeled correctly, can grow shy and timid.

So start training the first day you bring your puppy home.



Utilize food, verbal praise and favorite toys as positive reinforcements.

Even at eight weeks Berners are capable of soaking up lots so don’t delay training for even a month.

Be patient and consistent.

If possible, get your puppy into kindergarten classes by ten to twelve weeks and socialize, socialize, socialize your little companion.

Begin training at home by socializing your puppy to family and friends.

Good puppy socializing will promise you a well-rounded and cautious (rather than shy) giant Berner.-AMAZONPOLLY-ONLYWORDS-START-




It’s no lie that Berners shed.

The Bernese Mountain dog carries a thick, either straight or slightly wavy double coat which is set on shedding year around.

So prepare for lots of brushing to keep shedding under control and less hair floating onto couches and beds and countertops.

Baths are seldom with these giants.

Their beautiful coat sheds dirt easily so at best, suds four to five times a year should do the job.

In addition, clean your Berner’s ears to avoid buildup of wax and debris, trim nails regularly and keep the pearly whites gleaming with a vet approved toothpaste.



When looking for your perfect Bernese Mountain dog, take note that a puppy is the product of his background and breeding.

Look for a puppy with parents of good personality as well as one that’s been well socialized from his early days.



What is the Best Bernese Mountain Dog Food? 


Similar to your own body, your canine’s development and growth is directly connected with what goes inside his or her system.

As a result, start your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy on one of the best Bernese Mountain Dog puppy foods specifically designed for puppies in the large dog breed family.

Each bag of goodness is made with the finest ingredients and includes a wholesome balance of protein, calories and calcium which target healthy puppies through six months of age.

Your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy will love the kibble size and tasty flavor, plus you can rest confident your Fido is getting the food he or she needs for healthy and controlled growth.

After that six month birthday, your growing puppy will be ready to transition into a premium All Stage Dog Food designed to promote long and happy canine lives.

Each package of All Stage Dog Food contains a healthy dose of Omega 3 and 6 to promote a healthy coat and skin.

Plus, every batch is carefully mixed inside the United States and is 100% free from corn, wheat gluten, and artificial flavors and colors.



Why you shouldn’t purchase a Bernese Mountain Dog:

They’ll take up a hunk of space, they shed, and they appear fearful and timid unless properly socialized.


Why you should purchase a Bernese Mountain Dog:

They’re powerful and versatile and absolutely love a good romp through the cold.



Quick facts:

  • The Bernese Mountain dog is one of four breeds originating in the Swiss Alps. 
  • Bernese Mountain dogs carry a beautiful tri-color coat.
  • Years ago, Bernese Mountain dogs excelled on Swiss farms in pulling carts and driving livestock and were a loyal watchdog. 




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