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Getting A Puppy

Things to Know When Getting a Puppy


A boy beside puppies looking forward to getting a puppy.Exciting and fun, getting a puppy is sure to change your life.  From small tea-cup favorites to towering canine besties, there’s a size and kind for everyone.

Say yes to a puppy and they’ll welcome you at days end while loving you to the core.  They’ll charm with their stunning eyes and make quick friends with that winsome wag.  They are pups and dogs and very best friends.

Perhaps your mind is already set and you’re looking for puppies online.  Alas you are ready and excited about bringing a dog home.  Or so you think.

But say hello to a lil’ pupper and it might be just crazy hard to keep that objective perspective on which pup really is your perfect fit.  All too often, folks make eye contact with tiny little pups and are immediately swayed by a pup’s candid ability to stir love at first sight.


Don’t Be Fooled When Getting A Puppy!


Breeds are different.  Puppies vary.  Dogs have histories.  Not every winsome first glance will be your perfect match.

Of course it’s fine and fun to ooh and aah as you search for your dream fuzzy fur-ball.  We’ll agree.  Puppies are cute and adorbs and winsome all in one.  But when you’re actually ready to put down some money and make your dream a reality, you’ll want to make sure your homework is done.  Are you really making the best decision for both you and your puppy?


Think About It Before You Get A Puppy.


Are your personalities a good fit?  Do you have what it takes to welcome a canine home?  Have you properly counted the cost?

Because we want you to make the best decision possible, below we’re excited to share our favorite tips for getting a puppy.  Whether it means having correct puppy essentials, confidently avoiding puppy mills, or understanding your puppy’s first days home, you’ll find the answers here.

So take some time and go slow through the articles below.  Be the puppy parent who is well informed and ready to make a fabulous decision.

Once you’ve done some headwork and are ready to find your puppy, visit our puppies for sale and puppies for adoption to find a puppy that is just right for you.

Get wise, be in the know, and get ready to meet your perfect little match!