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How to find the best fur-ever home

Puppies are the furry bundles of joy whose cute faces and silly antics make your profession well worth it at the end of a long day.

Naturally, you wish the best for each and every one, but it may seem hard to balance ensuring your puppy will have a great home and not driving potential loving families away.

Here are some tips on finding the perfect balance, and avoiding mistakes that could mean an unsure future for the puppies you sell.


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Glean expectations and deal breakers

Buying a puppy is not like shopping at a grocery store, a certain amount of interaction between potential puppy owner and breeders or sellers is recommended, common and beneficial.

Connect with the purchaser and find out exactly their expectations for the puppy as well as inquire what the deal breakers are.

Many people may flock to Huskies for their endearing personalities, unaware of the intense biannual shedding, high energy levels and propensity for digging and chewing.

If deal breaking qualities are part of the breed’s traits, it is easy to guide them to another puppy that will be ideal for their home, and tell them why.

A more hands-off approach can include breed information sheets provided near the puppy area.


Puppy care preparation

Ensuring new puppy owners are prepared for the rigors of puppy care is no easy feat.

Vet checkups remain another overlooked portion of puppy care that can influence the health and happiness of the animal.

Consider adding an informative puppy care sheet to an owner’s take-home materials.

It should include information on a smooth transition, house training basics, and an FAQ on common problems such as chewing.

For those who do not request vet references, always provide contact information on a veterinarian in the area and future vaccination schedule dates through the first six months.

Avoid a closed-door policy

Lets face it; problems can arise over the course of puppy ownership.

Knowing that you are open to being contacted to help solve those problems can go a long way towards preventing an owner from believing there is no other option but shelter surrender.

Most individuals are not looking to return puppies they just purchased, and may instead need advice on basic or breed-specific struggles.

Going above and beyond the end of the sale to support your customers not only helps your puppies but your business as well.

Remember, over 40% of pet owners learn about their future pet via word of mouth.

Leaving a positive lasting impression is worth it.

For those who sell puppies, it is unnecessary to be intrusive when securing a forever home for your puppies.

That said, knowledge is the single greatest tool both buyer and seller have to work towards making a loving home a permanent one.

At times it is better to turn down a sale if it means a very high chance the puppy will not succeed in the home.

There are no winners when pups who have settled into families and home routines are ultimately relinquished to a shelter.

Determine a plan of action that works for you, and gives those purchasing a puppy the confidence and preparation to deal with issues that may arise.

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