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Three Steps to a Winning Breeder Story

To some, it’s a no brainer.

Others just wonder why.

What exactly is your story, and why is it so crazy important?



Your story.

It’s about you.

Who you are.

What’s your mission.

The why in your existence.

All summed up with beautiful words in a well crafted and tidy space.

It’s no secret stories are bursting into existence all across internet land.

Grandpas and teens and moms and millennials and everyone in between are all craving personal human-to-human connection.

Authentic and real are in hot pursuit.

And that’s where stories come in.



Stories hold powerful leverage on the emotions.

When told with the right punch, a story can open personal connections and usher in emotional attachments between real people.

Stories help us relate.

They’re memorable.

They’re captivating.

They’ll engage an unsuspecting audience.

They’ll attract innocent bystanders.

They’re a dream medium through which truths are spoken with excitement.

It’s no secret that every single soul loves a real down-in-the-bones-good story.

People don’t actually care about your business goals; they simply like a good story.

So craft a stunning story and you’ll enjoy an advantage.

You’ll appeal to a wider audience.

Onlookers will become customers and people will keep coming back.

Go ahead, grab a clean paper and black ink pen (or just open a new writing window) and get ready to write.

First, sketch out that outline.

Consider (and answer) what it was that first sparked your journey in dog breeding.

Why did you ever buy a dog in the first place?

What motivated you to begin breeding dogs?

Are you trying to fix some known canine problem?

If so, let people in on how your fixing the problem.

Next, articulate your mission.



What are you about?

For what reason are you breeding dogs and selling little puppers?

Why are you still pouring time into your little (or big!) family of canines?

What’s your bottom-line mission?

Once your mission is defined, let people know what they can expect when purchasing from you.

Tell people what area your puppies are from (town, city, state, village, zip code, whatever) and how long you’ve been in existence as breeder.

Share your strengths as a dog breeder, and why you love being a canine breeder.

Be real and be human.

Think about your voice: are you too formal?

Maybe a bit extreme on the conversational side?

Use short sentences.

Tell truth with excitement.

And don’t make it only about yourself.

Your customer is an integral element of your story.

Draw them in and let them know how you’re ready to make their lives better.

Need a template to get those words rolling?

Grab ideas from the templates below and start typing.



cute Yorkshire Terrier puppies for saleTemplate 1: (Fun, Personal Tone)

Hi there!  I’m [name] and I provide puppies from my home in [location].  I began breeding dogs in [year] and today I specialize in raising [breed name].  I first started breeding dogs because [reason] and today I still love what I do as it gives me opportunity to [reason 1] and [reason 2].  Every puppy I provide is promised to be [condition 1], [condition 2], and [condition 3].

I look forward to providing your new best friend.


Template 2: (Professional Tone)

[Your name] is an elite breeder serving the puppy community from his/her home in [location].  [Name] first began breeding dogs in [year] and today specializes in raising [breed name].  [Name] first began breeding dogs because [reason] and today still loves what he/she does as it gives him/her opportunity to [reason 1] and [reason 2].  Every puppy [name] provides is promised to be [condition 1], [condition 2], and [condition 3].

An expert in his/her field, [name] looks forward to providing your next quality puppy.


To strengthen your legitimacy as story teller and puppy provider, you may also wish to link any social accounts (facebook, twitter, instagram….you name it) to increase transparency.

You may want to consider using our Breeder Story Generator.

It is a free tool we developed fo help dog breeders succeed at telling their story.

You can find the Breeder Story Generator here.

Now go polish up that story and get it posted.

Cheers to beautiful words, well crafted stories, and lots of ink!

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