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Creating A Winning Dog Description

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Whether you are selling puppies to their future pet parent or helping an adoptable dog find a new fur-ever home, the description and pictures are your biggest opportunity to draw sales.

Making a description doesn’t need to be difficult at all.

If you are struggling, or just want some tips on putting your best paw forward, continue reading below.

Tips For Listing Puppies And Dogs:


Doggone Descriptions:

The description is where you make your dog shine and the more detail you provide, the better your odds of an adoption or purchase to the ideal home.

In between projecting all the cuteness into words, focus on providing pertinent information.

For puppies be sure to mention vaccinations, and perhaps dam and sire final sizes if you have them.

For older adoptable dogs, avoid failing to mention the top three concerns:

Housebroken status, dog friendliness and child friendliness/tolerance.

Feel free to reiterate important aspects of your dog’s personality, such as whether they are laid back or frisky and if they walk well on a leash.


Include puppy pictures in the description:

Always strive to provide at least one current picture as the primary photo.

While nursing puppies are cute, customers would prefer to see what they can expect when they purchase or adopt, including the size.

Puppies and dogs are so often love at first sight, so make sure you help them show off.

For a “howl”-to on adding your star-studded doggy videos to your sell page, see here.


Include the puppies personality in the description:

Personality is paramount, especially for adoptable dogs.

Inquiring customers will need to know important traits such as activity level, how well they get along with other dogs and whether or not they would be good around children.

Do not be fooled into thinking activity level is naturally implied by the breed.

Every dog is different and additionally, not all customers are as well informed as you.

Just as important, be sure to specify the personality of the pupper’s parents as this plays a big role in the puppers personality as well.



Final thoughts on writing dog descriptions: 

If you are willing to ship your puppy or dog, be sure to mention your location and any shipping fees.

Resist the urge to leave the return policy section blank.

If all sales are final, then note it, but most potential customers feel more comfortable seeing at least a small return period in case problems arise.

Better the puppy returns to you then a shelter.

Lastly, be sure folks know how to reach you.

Providing an email or phone info at the end of your description helps with fielding customer questions.


Just For You!

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So all you need to do is answer a few questions and viola, a winning description is yours to keep.

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