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Branding Your Kennel To Success

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A kennel brand is more than a name; it is the difference between a forgettable kennel and one that your current customers share with their friends and family.

A picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes, and this is no less true when it comes to operating your kennel page.

Your logo image will be the first thing interested customers notice when browsing your shop.



While their primary interest will no doubt be settled on pets,  your banner will offer the first glance at your professionalism as a dog kennel.

An ugly restaurant may serve the best food, but few are going to give it a chance.

Here are a few tips to get you started creating a successful and lasting first impression of your kennel.

Running your dog kennel as a business is not just a financial decision to keep you from losing money, but also a big key in placing your puppies in loving homes.

Operating a professional kennel is better for you and your puppies.



Store Header:


Make it memorable and unique if at all possible.

It doesn’t need to be complex.

An appropriately sized picture of one of your pets will suffice in a pinch.

Just make sure the header represents you as a brand.

If you are looking for free pictures with high quality for commercial use, check out or

As a reminder, all store header picture sizes need to be 1200px by 300x or the picture may not display correctly.



Social Media:


A great step to further your brand is to incorporate social media into your advertising.

Some shops run active Youtube, Facebook or even Instagram pages that can extend their reach and turn a once curious customer into a longtime client.

Youtube, in particular, provides double the benefits.

At times a cute video of your puppies romping on your property is all it takes to seal the deal and additionally reveals to the wary you take excellent care of your animals.

If you already have a social media presence, be sure to list it in your shop contact information or description.


Giving Your Brand A Face: 


In line with the social media related to the business, it can be worthwhile to add a more personal touch to your kennel by displaying yourself.

It not only allows your customer base to connect with you but to once again see a real, loving family behind your business name.

Don’t be afraid to mention yourself, provide personal social media links and add in a profile photo or two.

Additionally, investing time and effort into your story page is a great step.

Whether breeding has been in your family for generations or started in your lifetime, you have a story to tell and people want to hear it.

Don’t discount the attracting power of an honest, heartfelt brand story.


Extending Your Brand: 


Unlike pet supplies, pet parents will not be adopting or purchasing puppies on a regular basis.

However, that does not mean the single sale needs to be the end of it.

Offering gifts and supplies under your brand can help keep the customers coming back.

Here are some options which take little work and preparation ahead of time.

  • Offer puppy starter kits you create yourself. For an example of inclusion ideas see here.
  • Sell fresh baked dog treats, extremely inexpensive and simple to make. For a recipe idea check this link.
  • Breed-specific supplies
  • Puppy toy assortments
  • Offer our Newborn Celebration Pack and include the cost in your puppy price.

Use these tips to extend your brand and leave a great impression post sale.

As for advertising, including a new owner FAQ sheet with every puppy purchase is a great idea to inform buyers of the additional items and services you may offer.

This sheet can provide simple answers to newbie owner questions such as how to stop chewing, housebreaking basics and proper crate usage.

At the bottom, list your services and contact information.


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