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Sell Your Puppy With Video Descriptions

Puppies are often love at first sight.

Their charming expressions, playful natures and winsome wags are sure to awe many an admirer.

And that’s where video comes in.


video uploading


Video clips are a superb way to help your little puppers show off and really turn heads.

Build on the power of visual and start capturing live those adorable moments shared with your fur balls.

In addition, customers like to know what to expect when choosing a puppy.

So go ahead and start bragging on those adorable markings, size, attitude and more.

Listing your puppy for sale with video doesn’t need to be complicated!

Simply follow the steps listed below to upload a video of your adorable puppy to a world of admirers.

  1. Create a Youtube account or login to a current account.If you have a Gmail account, this should make the process a little easier.
  2. Upload the video of your little fur ball onto Youtube.Youtube has an option to stabilize your video for you and we recommend you doing so.We understand that your video may be a little shaky if your trying to keep up with your puppy taking a free handed video.
  3. After you have uploaded the video onto Youtube, copy the URL link.
  4. Login to your VIP Puppies account.
  5. After going to “My Kennel,” proceed to the “Puppies” tab below.
  6. Select the “Edit” feature on the puppy whom you would like to add the video.
  7. Paste the Youtube URL link towards the bottom of the “Puppy Description”
  8. At the bottom of the page, select “SAVE CHANGES.”


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