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Christmas Puppies

Christmas Puppies for Sale

Christmas Puppies for Sale

Find puppies for sale that are ready to buy just in time for Christmas!

Profile picture of the author - Anna Lengacherby Anna Lengacher

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, string the lights, hang the greens, and say hello to Christmas just around the corner.

As shoppers are bustling to find that ‘perfect gift’ for loved ones this year, you are about to encounter a dashing selection of Christmas puppies right from the comforts of your favorite easy chair.

Skip the masks and plexiglass and social distancing, we’re bringing Christmas puppies right to you.

Wishing for a furry friend this Christmas season?

Hoping to create the surprise of a lifetime for a favorite loved one?

You’re at the right place.

Here at VIP Puppies, we are thrilled to this Christmas again provide a stunning variety of beautiful puppies for sale.

Cute puppies ready for Christmas!

From favorite purebreds to winsome designer breeds, you’re likely to find puppies for every lifestyle.

There are sweet and playful pups, towering guard breeds, favorite running buddies, and more.

Not to mention, the options are many when considering bloodlines, coat types, personalities and colors.

Benefits of Buying a Puppy This Christmas

2020 brought unexpected twists and turns.

Staying home, social distancing, avoiding large crowds…we’ve all been impacted by what has unfolded this year.

By bringing a puppy into your home this Christmas, you’ll put smiles back on faces and hear laughter in your home again.  

The children may squeal (spoiler alert!) and you’ll get a furry little snuggle buddy. 

Plus, puppies are fabulous at teaching responsibility among children.

It will probably take some time and patience at first.

However, children will soon learn that a daily feeding, weekly brushing, and regular exercise for a growing fur-ball is no optional task.

It’s a must, no matter the mood.

Or perhaps you’re looking for that final boost to get out the door each morning for an early run.

Or you’re just hoping for more exercise throughout the day as you push through your daily grind.

When you say hello to a growing pup, getting more time outdoors could be your new reality. 

Think morning runs, a walk after work or games of fetch in your backyard with your new fur pal.

Which translated means more vitamin D for you, more time to clear your head, and more space to be a healthier you.

(When choosing your puppy, be aware that some breeds require more exercise than others.  Meaning which dog breed you select will directly impact how much exercise he/she requires.)

Where Can I Find Christmas Puppies For Sale?

Browse a whole array of beautiful Christmas puppies online here at 

You’ll deal straight with elite breeders from across the United States to choose your perfect match.

To find your perfect little fur-ball, either browse our dog breed directory or click through the available puppies listed at the top of this page.

Or if you prefer to meet face-to-face with a breeder in your local area, search our breeder directory to find a breeder near you.

Whether you’re searching from your home in California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or beyond, it’s time to find your favorite Christmas pupper here.

When Can I Get a Christmas Puppy?

Look for puppies who will be between eight and twelve weeks old when they first come home.

Never bring home a puppy who is less than eight weeks old.


Because not until eight weeks old are puppies finally mature enough to have learned healthy dog-to-dog socialization with their mom and littermates.

Also at eight weeks, these same puppies are still young enough to bond with their future family too.

What to Look For When Choosing a Christmas Puppy?

Give a puppy as a Christmas gift.

Some folks choose a Christmas puppy based on appearance, others decide based on personality. 

Consider what matters most to you.

Be intentional to research your selected breed.

Learn the strengths and weaknesses attributed to your breed along with any possible genetic diseases. 

Discover if there are specific markings that are more valued.

Perhaps the eye color and coat type are a big deal for your breed.

In addition, consider your energy level.

If you are a binge Netflix user and looking for a favorite couch potato to watch shows alongside, then look for a more quiet and docile breed.

If you love adventure and are an avid outdoors person, then search for an active breed who is up for exploring new trails with you.

Also, observe your surrounding climate. 

While some breeds hate extreme heat, others were never intended for the cold.

Note the adaptability for whichever breed you are considering.

Then be sure to select a breed that will be able to thrive in your current climate.

Before You Buy a Christmas Puppy

Sadly, rescues and shelters are at their fullest in the days and weeks following Christmas.

Why?  Because folks are simply not prepared for the commitment a new puppy requires.

While the idea may have felt so perfect prior to Christmas, some folks discover puppies are just too much work in the weeks following Christmas.

To avoid needing to take your new little pup to a shelter after the New Year, consider these questions before choosing your new Christmas puppy:

  1. Are you a frequent traveler?

    If you plan to be traveling often, look for a local dog sitter or a safe doggy daycare where you can leave your pet while you are away.  Alternatively, you might try vacationing together in dog-friendly destinations.

  2. What are your future plans?

    When purchasing a puppy, you’re doing more than just bringing home a pet.  You’re also saying hello to a life-long friend.  Consider what may be ahead in your next ten or fifteen years.  Are you planning to live in the city or country?  Will there be children in the picture?  Do you have plans of changing jobs?  Think long-term before bringing home your new little fur-ball.

  3. Will you have time?

    Time for training, time for exercise, time for simply being together.  Never try confining a growing fur-ball to a crate for the day.  Prioritize time for brief training sessions throughout your day as well as daily dog exercise.

  4. Do you have sufficient space?

    Unless you’ve selected a small dog breed, you’re bound to soon have a large hunk of canine goodness in your home.  Consider your current living conditions and assess if you have sufficient space to welcome a new furry friend.  Unless you have adequate space, it’s simply not fair to hope for good results.

    Also when considering your current living space, ask yourself these following questions:

  • Are you renting? If so, are pets allowed?
  • Do you have a lawn where your Fido can exercise?
  • Will you have adequate space to store your puppy’s accessories?
  • Is there a local park where you can go for additional exercise?

    5. Are you prepared for the dollar investment?

    Contrary to popular preference, bringing home a puppy can soon grow your expenses.

    After the cost of your initial puppy purchase, you can expect to spend additional dollars on:

  • Fun puppy toys
  • Proper vaccinations
  • Nutritious dog food
  • A proper size crate
  • Canine vitamins
  • A collar and tag (Include the puppy’s name and your personal phone number on the tag.)
  • Cosmetic care (This will vary between breeds. Cosmetic care includes clipping nails, grooming, and appropriate dental care.)

Welcome Your New Puppy Home

After you’ve crunched a few numbers and asked yourself these questions, if a puppy is still on your wish list, then look no further.

It’s time to browse our stunning selection of puppies for sale.


  1. Fetch your Christmas puppy.
  2. Contact the breeder listed on your puppy’s profile.
  3. Enjoy your furry little Christmas puppy! Cute Christmas puppies for sale ready just in time for Xmas!

(Click me to find your Christmas puppy!)

P.S. While you’re at it, surprise your new puppy with a personalized VIP gift box for Christmas.  It’s even complete with puppy paw clay to create your favorite Christmas tree ornament.

P.S.S.  Follow our blog for more puppy tips along the way.

Profile picture of the author - Anna LengacherAs the Editor in Chief, Anna Lengacher helps dog lovers learn the ropes of finding, raising, and caring for their dogs so they can enjoy many happy memories together.

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