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Cardigan Welsh Corgi: The Enchanting Companion

Sara Ochoa

By Dr. Sara Ochoa

Hailing all the way from Wales and having existed there for some 3,000 years, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is one of the oldest known dog breeds!

Cardi is one of their nicknames, it’s short and sweet just like these pups!


This article will answer any and all questions you may have concerning their training, health, and even where to find your own Cardi!

Why wait any longer? Dive in and start learning!



Cardigan Welsh Corgi Appearance

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a rather small dog, averaging about a foot high and weighing somewhere from 25 to 35 pounds.

Don’t let their stubby legs fool you, they are very nimble and light on their feet!


Probably their most prominent features are their stark, upright ears; and large, bushy tail.

Cardi’s coats come in a variety of beautiful colors, occasionally with freckling too!


Despite their small, harmless, indoorsy appearance, Cardis are adventurous and fast-paced.

Guaranteed their personality is even more interesting than their looks!



Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgis are what could be described as a big dog in a small package.

Their sweet face is a dead giveaway to their loving and kind temperament.

Family is a big priority for Cardigans, they get attached quickly to their owners!


Cardis love to be loved, so be generous with your time and attention.

Your pup will reward you with years of affection and fun times!


Cardigan Welsh Corgis are very smart and sensitive.

They can pick up on your mood and your needs.

Cardis are the perfect happy-go-lucky companions that you have been looking for!



Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Although they look like the perfect lazy partner, Cardis require a certain amount of daily exercise.

This simply means that in order to be happy and healthy, your Cardi will require some basic, regular routines.

A brisk walk or even a short run will be enough to satisfy your Corgi.


Playtime is enjoyed by Cardis.

Toys and games are perfect for these intellectuals! 

They will never turn down a good game of fetch!

Mentally stimulating your pup is just as crucial as physical exercise.


Cardigans have ways of letting you know when they need exercise and their ‘power runs’ is one of those.

Unexpectedly running throughout the house or over the couch is their way of telling you that it’s time to get outside!

Use this time of exercise as a way to bond with your Cardi!



Cardigan Welsh Corgi Grooming

Cardigan’s coats take care of themselves.

They are crafted to be all weather-proof and odorless.

A weekly brushing to remove dirt and debris is sufficient.


Nails should be getting a regular trim along with the hair on the feet.

This will minimize your Cardi tracking dirt all over the house.

If you are unsure about any of the grooming procedures, be sure to call your vet and ask them all of your questions.

Not only will grooming help your Cardigan to look their best, but it will help them feel their best too!



Cardigan Welsh Corgi Training

As mentioned earlier, Cardigans are very trainable and adaptable.

This makes their owners’ jobs very easy!

Cardis were known for their roles in several movies due to their trainability and bright personalities!

Training should always begin as a puppy. This way, the things you teach will stick with them and ensure that they turn into a well-rounded dog!


Socialization is something that Cardigans enjoy, so getting your pup out around other people and animals is recommended.

House-breaking is another obstacle that should be conquered while your Cardi is still young.


A little effort early on in a pup’s life will reward you with a companion who loves and respects you!

Training is a great time to strengthen the bond with your Cardi!



Cardigan Welsh Corgi Health

Overall, Cardigan Welsh Corgis are a healthy breed.

But as with any dog breed, they may be prone to certain hereditary health issues.

Back problems are something to look for in dogs with the ‘long and low’ body type.

At the first sign of any pain or discomfort alert your veterinarian right away.

Responsible breeders will screen their stock and should be able to alert you of any concerns or anything potentially hazardous to your Cardi’s health.


However, regular checkups should always be had just to stay on top of any oncoming illness.

This breed is prone to becoming overweight easily so always check with your vet to be sure your Cardi is being given the proper amounts of food daily.

Fresh, clean water should be available at all times, especially with more active dogs.


Be sure to educate yourself on any and all health problems relating to the Cardigans to ensure that your puppy can live a long and happy life!



Cardigan Welsh Corgi History

Cardigan Welsh Corgis originated in the medieval kingdom of Cardiganshire, Wales. (hence the name)

While in Wales, they served as steadfast herders!


One reason for the Cardigans’ low-to-the-ground build is so they are at an advantage to nip at the heels of the cattle they were herding.

Throughout their long history, Cardis played many roles including being a farm dog, hunting partner, family protector, and athlete.

This is a great example of just how adaptable the Cardigan Welsh Corgis really are!


In June 1931, the first breeding pair of Cardigans arrived in the United States.

Four years later the AKC granted full recognition to the breed!

And that is the summarized history of the Cardigan Welsh Corgis!


Where Can I Find My Own Cardigan Welsh Corgi?

Where Can I Find Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Looking for your own little companion is no easy task and is something to be taken seriously.

There are lots of puppy mills and scams out there that are very easy to get caught in.

But there are also lots of loving breeders who want to help you find the dog of your dreams!

That’s why it’s important to know what to look for.


Breeders you can trust should be willing to answer all your questions about their pups.

They should have the proper medical papers and all exams and shots should be up to date.

More than that, they should know their dogs.

Reliable breeders can tell you about each dog and their personality and temperament.

Always take the time to meet your pup before deciding if they are the one for you!


If you are on the hunt for one of these handsome Cardigans, you can find them here at VIP Puppies!

Start looking for your new friend today!



Q: Does the Cardi get along well with other breeds?

A: Yes! They love the companionship of another dog or even a cat. Many puppy buyers often add a second pup later as a companion for the original Cardi! Cardigans are contagious!


Q: What About Training?

A: A crate is recommended to house-train a puppy. Cardigans excel in training because they have such a willing-to-please-you attitude. Training will develop a deeper relationship between you and your companion and it is fun!


In Closing

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgis are a captivating and spirited breed that has won the hearts of many dog lovers around the world!

Their unique physical appearance with their bright temperaments and intelligence make them a truly special companion.

They will be anything you need whether that’s a running partner or a couch potato.

Cardigans thrive on attention and love from their owners.

In return, they’ll grant you with lots of joy, affection, and companionship!

Give the Cardigan Welsh Corgis a chance today!



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