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VIP Delivery

Our Newborn Welcome Pack includes shipping to anywhere within the United States. All puppy deliveries are handled by Animal Transportation Worldwide, a company of good reputation and high ratings. To minimize puppy stress and travel time, if you are located more than twelve hours from your puppy’s location, your puppy will be transported by air to an airport near you. Otherwise, you can expect your puppy to be delivered by ground right to your front door.

In the event of air transport, we highly recommend upgrading and including a human escort to accompany your puppy throughout his journey. For an additional cost, this escort can also deliver your puppy directly to your doorstep.

When transported via ground, your new best friend will be given at least three walks a day, food twice a day and water four times a day. You'll also receive one to four photos daily of your new furry friend.

International shipping with a personal escort is also available. Contact us for rates to your city. Whether it's by air or on ground, you can rest assured your puppy's needs are priority.

1-Year Health Guarantee

Because we value your puppy’s health, we promise a one-year health guarantee with every puppy placed. You can expect your puppy to arrive healthy and happy, ready for many wonderful years ahead. For details regarding our health guarantee, click here.

Welcome your new family member with confidence!

VIP Puppy Parenting eBook

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for your Very Important Puppy

Start puppy parenting on the right paw with this concise and informative guide. Perhaps potty training will have you stumped or you just want to give your puppy a warm welcome home. The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Very Important Puppy walks you through early puppy parenting and lets you in on how to make your puppy’s first days at home a real success. In addition, discover how to ensure good health and proper socialization for your little bundle of fur.

Because you won’t get to relive the first days, stay informed and be sure you’re ready to invite your puppy home with confidence.

VIP Puppy Gift Box

If your puppy arrives via air – we’ll ship the box to you.

If your puppy travels via ground – your box is delivered with the pup.

Snatch a VIP Puppy Gift Box for you or a friend, and be rewarded with a puppy’s dream box! Inside each beautifully packaged gift box, you’ll discover:

  • 3 puppy bow ties that’ll keep your puppy stunning and stylish (colors are black, white, and dark blue).
  • An attractive VIP bumper sticker to show off your puppy love.
  • Dog paw print keepsake clay, 100% puppy safe. Celebrate your puppy’s homecoming, Christmas, or first birthday by capturing those little paw prints on soft impression clay. In return, you’ll be rewarded with a pawsome little keepsake that’ll last a lifetime.
  • A luxurious and stylish reversible puppy blanket and matching bone-shaped pillow. Drape the blanket on a couch, lay it on the bed, line a carrier or just keep it in your puppy’s favorite spot for lots of snuggles and cuddles. Perfect for lounging about the home or keeping warm on-the-go, this stunning blanket and pillow duo are sure to be a pup’s favorite.
  • A handwritten message – because we care about you!

Send the Package

Whether you’re a VIP Breeder already or just visiting from another dog-friendly land, boost your reputation by offering this package today with every puppy placed. Simply download our badge and include it on your kennel page, or include a link to this page and let customers know the perks that’ll accompany each of your puppies when they arrive home. After your puppy is sold, you can then send the package by clicking the link below. Cheers to happy customers!

Or perhaps you’re the customer and want your own attractive celebration pack. Just request your breeder to include the package prior to purchasing your puppy.

Send the Package

Dogs Enrich Our Lives

The bond forged with dogs starts often when they’re puppies and VIP Puppies
is here to help with your journey every step of the way.

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