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We are Kristi and Ben Springer and we fell in love with white shepherds while traveling the world in 2013.  We met our first white shepherd while camping at a beautiful point break named Mdumbi, along the Wild Coast of S Africa.  The boy Ecco was by our side the entire stay, and would paw at our tent after sunrise and sleep by our tent, even through the rain.  We never knew a dog could be so attentive, affectionate and fun to be around.  We spent all our time with Ecco, hiking and playing in the water. When we left, Kristi cried for Ecco, and I knew we needed to find a white shepherd of our own.  Since then, we have spent the last 5 years raising white shepherds. We are now committed to finding loving homes for lucky families to raise and love a white shepherd of their own, and feel that magic that we felt when we first discovered this truly incredible breed.


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