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Shays Place

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  • Breeder Name: Shay
  • Kennel Name: Shays Place
  • Featured Breed: Bordoodle Puppies
  • Location: Dolores, Colorado
  • Phone Number: 9513777227
Meet Shay, an elite breeder serving the puppy community from Dolores, Colorado. Shay first began breeding dogs in 1992 and today specializes in raising Bordoodle puppies for sale. While Shay values compassion, the puppies are famous for their smarts and cleverness. Shay started breeding canines out of a love for meeting the demand for beautiful, well-bred puppies and today is proud to offer puppies who are willing to learn and socialized. Every puppy Shay provides is guaranteed to be health-tested, vet-checked, and vaccinated. To be notified of future puppy litters, call or text Shay at 9513777227. An expert in the field, Shay looks forward to providing your next quality puppy.
  • 29 Years of Experience
  • Well Loved Dogs
  • Family Raised Puppies


August 19, 2022 Shayaron

August 19, 2022 Shayaron

August 11, 2022 Shayaron

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