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We are Puget Sound Standard Poodles.  We have 10 Standard Poodle puppies born April 22, 2021 4 males and 6 females.  We welcome you to view all our social media, Facebook and our website: to view all our videos, photos and information you will find helpful in learning about our breeding practices and how our current litter is doing. We take pride in a holistic approach with 3 generations of Standard Poodles raised with real food, limited amounts of commercial food from Solid Gold and no chemicals on our properties.   We following Dr. Karen Becker on YouTube, our personal vet is holistic here in Gig Harbor, Washington and this will be our second litter raised with Puppy Culture protocols. We deworm mom and puppies weekly starting at week 2 right on through week 12, with only Pyrantel Pamoate.  Thereafter we deworm once a month with natural dewormers.  During certain times of the year we will use Pyrantel Pamoate when necessary and once a year Fenbendazole, depending on circumstances. Grooming nails began week 2 and week 3 we start bathing.  We began full bathing, drying and grooming at week 4 so they are use to the grooming table.  We do our own grooming and have a trust groomer who comes to our home. Just after week 3 we begin to wean them on real food smoothies and Esbilac Second Stage and then they are given puppy formula with fresh fruits and veggies as they start chewing.  We provide a rotation of foods and supplements like Krill oil, joint supplements and limited amount of vitamins when fed a real food meal. We do not dock tails or dew claws and never have.  You can show a poodle with a natural tail and they are so beautiful. First puppy shots are between 8 and 9 weeks and you will give the final puppy shot at 16 weeks.  Rabies is given several weeks thereafter last puppy shot and it is important to separate the vaccines, and that is the only additional vaccine.  We do not support any other vaccines under the first year of life and do not support the use of monthly chemical dewormers year-round.  We use only 2 commercial dewormers and natural foods and holistic deworming supplements and methods. Our puppies stay with us longer than other breeders and we transition between the 11th and 12th week.  We socialize them with other adult poodles, all intact and they continue to learn from mom about good manners. VERY IMPORTANT - We provide you with a full year of pet insurance, paid by us.  We currently have our poodles on Trupanion Pet Insurance.  Please research them and get familiar with their coverage, you will be glad you have it. We look forward to connecting with you and please reach out to us anytime if you have any questions. PUGET SOUND STANDARD POODLES


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