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  • Breeder Name: Lauralouise Hight
  • Kennel Name: Puget Sound Standard Poodles
  • Featured Breed: Standard Poodles Puppies
  • Location: Gig Harbor, Wa.
  • Phone Number: 206-939-3936
I'm Lauralouise owner and breeder at Puget Sound Standard Poodles.  We are currently in Gig Harbor, Washington and started with our first Standard Poodle in 2015.  We didn't have our first litter until 2019 with our foundation poodles Scout and Breeze thanks to several other breeders who taught us to wait and properly health test our dogs and get them into the ring.  We started with the 2018 and 2019 UKC Washington Classics now renamed the Western Classic.  We sold one puppy in 2019 to a horrible local couple referred to us by another breeder but those people lied to us and broke our hearts and then the pandemic was just around the corner.  So we took a big step back and kept the rest of our first litter, 6 males and 1 female and we are so glad we did.  All of them are now our next generation of poodles and we know everything about them, their health and all the previous family members, some that lived past the age of 13 years.  We'd like to see more poodles live beyond this age and it thrills me everytime someone tells me of their beloved poodle who lived to 15 or 16.   Joseph Vergnitti, the President of Dassin Farm, is a well-known top poodle breeder and my all time favorite breeder.  He once stated in an interview that keeping all of ones first litter and going forward from there would provide an real education about breeding. Well it was 100% true and we are so lucky that horrible couple who lied to us and were so awful caused us to stop and just enjoy raising our dogs.  During the pandemic we also decided not to sell any poodles to people whose stimulus funds were their top reason for wanting a Standard Poodle.  We also do not sell poodle puppies as service dogs as many people need to find lines that have proven dams and sires who excell as actual service dogs.  We do not train ours for service and have never trained our puppies or dogs for service.  In addition, so many people come asking with no actual plans to train the poodle for actual service.  So we made the decision not to sell any of our puppies for this purpose.   We are looking for honest, decent poodle loving homes and you need to know that we expect you to speak with us in person in lieu of a written puppy application.  You will need to know about this breed and have the means to groom them properly every 4 weeks while bathing, brushing, trimming nails in between grooming appts.  I had to teach myself how to groom so if you want to learn I can provide links to videos and online groomers who are so easy to follow.   Julie Wilkins on YouTube is how I learned how to show groom and she is the most lovely, friendly, easy to understand poodle groomer ever.  So many people love her videos, please check her out. We are new to showing our poodles and started in UKC events, which is touted as more family oriented and where those without experience should start.  This was the advice we were given by several other breeders.  If you would like to get involved in the dog show world, please go for it and never allow anyone to tell you " don't have what it takes to finish a dog..."  That is what my former AKC dog show mentor told me when I was about to be buy a top show puppy from a breeder that was a part of the pedigree of her AKC Grand Champion.  She ruined my chance to get a show prospect, a puppy that was Champion bred from a top breeder that I could take into the AKC ring and I dissolved that relationship then and there.  Her daily bad mouthing and gossip about other top standard poodle breeders was also very difficult to escape from so it was the most unpleasant experience for me.   I am detailing my path so that you steer clear of any and all negative situation and know that if you really truly want to get in the ring, there are plenty of breeders out there who will work with you.   I found that in Terry Creech from Bear Cove Kennel in Kentucky.  She was incredible to me, has taught me so much and I consider Terry a good friend.  She took a chance on me and sold me a show prospect, our Nina who comes from her poodles Wanda and Sig.  The best part is Nina's pedigree includes poodles from the Dassin line so I could not feel more blessed.  Nina is the most incredible, magical, darling sweetheart that ever walked into our house.  She loves everyone she meets and demands attention in the most delicate way.  She was born during the Pandemic so it is our plan to grow out her coat and get her in the ring just for the sheer joy of participating in the sport.  You will love it so much once you try working with your poodle in the various dog sports available to you.  Our own Stephen was a natural even with no formal handler's class training and in 2021 we entered him in the 2021 UKC Washington Classic and he earned more than 1/2 his points in one day towards his UKC Championship, he earn a Group 4 win that day.  Then the governor of our state shut down all events yet again... We picked up more points this past year and will finish him soon.   We have now decided to try AKC events as well and I encourage you to do the same and if you have the right dog or can work with an AKC handler, just get into the AKC arena.  Go to as many dog shows in your area, talk to those in the ring, talk to breeders and watch the judging on YouTube it's so fun and exciting to watch all these professional and their incredible poodles. Our current litter of Standard Poodle puppies are all solid Black and solid Apricot, no mismarks whatsoever, and you can show them UKC or AKC in any events but if you want the best poodle for the AKC ring we can recommend some incredible breeders that you can call on.   For example in Washington State, there is no better breeder of top winning Champion Standard Poodles other than Lakeridge Standard Poodles owned by Deborah Fergurson.  She loves owner handlers, is also an AKC judge, participates in all the big dog shows and has some of the most beautiful poodles in the United States.  She can also refer you to AKC professional handlers as well. Our current littter would make great companions but you can also decided for yourself if you want to get into all the other UKC or AKC events like Nosework, Agility or even Conformation because as I mentioned they are AKC registered and solid in color.  It's a wonderful sport and a great bonding experience for you and your poodle. I look forward to hearing from you if you are 100% serious that one of our puppies would be right for you and your family.  We spend all our time with our poodles and that means we must devote our available hours for only those who are ready to purchase a puppy. Too many times we spend hours on the phone with people who have no intentions of purchasing a puppy, therefore, I am providing as much information about these puppies here at VIP Puppies, on our website, on YouTube and on Facebook so you can make a commitment before contacting us. One last thing, it is vital that you are completely honest about your home, your finances, your ability to care for and love this type of dog upfront.  If we discover that you have omitted important information, such as you do not have a fenced yard, from us we may have to refuse to sell you a puppy and this is why we are being honest about our breeding practices and our expectations. We do not have any children in our house or any cats but we do have adult poodles and two small Chihuahus so that's what our puppies have been exposed to and remember we have full tails and dew claws intact, which may not be what you are looking for.  We also do not support early spay and neutering.  Dr. Karen Becker is an integrated and holistic based veterinarian on YouTube and has many informative videos on all these important subjects. Thank you for taking the time to read through all this information and again if you are serious about one of our puppies, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


February 3, 2024 Puget Sound Standard Poodles

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