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Hi there, thank you for stopping by and I certainly do hope you have enjoyed viewing my puppies. Let me tell you a little bit about me and Poodle Majesty. First, I'm a Home Breeder located in Clearwater, Florida. We usually only have a litter once a year.  Every now and then we'll have two litters in the same year, but that's rare.  I don't breed as a business.  I breed Standard Poodles as a love and passion.  You see, as far as I'm concerned there's no better dog than a Standard Poodle.  Although they're a popular breed, it is very hard for most people to find a good breeder with quality standard poodles.  I've been raising standards for over ten years and there is much to know about the raising and the care of a litter of pups, as well as the adult Standard Poodle.  That takes a love and a passion to completely understand them. Why Standard Poodles?

  • They're the smartest dog on the planet
  • They love you with everything they have
  • They're hypo allergenic (that's right, if you can't have a dog, you can have a Standard Poodle, they have hair, not fur)
  • They're beautiful
  • They're loyal
  • They are quite agile and love to run, jump, swim and just plain "play poodle"
  • They're great service dogs
  • They're great therapy and emotional support dogs
  • They will always be by your side.
My Breeding Standards
  • I breed only genetically health tested Standard Poodles
  • I breed only AKC Registered Standards
  • I do not cross breed, inbreed or line breed
What You Get with a Puppy from Poodle Majesty All Poodle Majesty Puppies have had their dew claws removed, but their tails are NOT Docked - that tail is beautiful and why should I dock it . . . especially when Europe has outlawed such a practice?  There's no medical reason to do so.
  • Puppies from us come with initial training (they will use the grass, use a crate)
  • Pups get lots of indoor/outdoor play time.
  • Health Certificate
  • All required vaccinations at time of purchase
  • AKC Registration papers
  • full disclosure on health, vet visits, etc.  (example: puppy hurt his paw playing at 3 weeks old but vet confirms it was not serious, vet indicated a slight canine malocclusion, recommends chewing on a ball to help spread teeth, puppy had three de-wormings on these dates, etc.)

Poodle Majesty Standard Poodle Puppies take Sweet, Happy, and Healthy to a Whole New Level!

Welcome to the Best Friend You'll Ever Have!


We are absolutely delighted with Lulu ::

July 26, 2019 TanyaMunro

She is the perfect puppy. We simply could not be more pleased. She is completely house broken, not a single accident & lets me know by barking when she needs to go out. She\'s a great traveler, mostly she is quiet & gets out happily to explore whenever we stop. She is already leash trained, though she does better when those sessions are brief. And she is beginning to respond to my calls to come, though intermittently. Most important, she seems happy. Yesterday we took the kids swimming at a lake, & Lulu spent the whole day wading in the cold water & exploring the shoreline, gathering piles of leaves, which she neatly placed by my feet. Thank you so much. We are absolutely delighted & want to thank you for doing such a fine job of providing her early care & training.

Your Pups are Amazing! ::

July 14, 2019 TanyaMunro

Beautiful! Your pups are amazing. We are so grateful to you for our smart,incredible boy. I wish so badly we could handle a 3rd! Jaxson would love it, but old man Jasper has his limits...

My Boy Jaxson is Amazing! ::

July 13, 2019 TanyaMunro

Love this! Pups are beautiful! I have my boy Jaxson from Tanya & he is AMAZING!

Star is the Best Dog I\'ve Ever Had ::

July 13, 2019 TanyaMunro

You are the BEST breeder! It\'s hard to believe my Star will be three years old soon. She\'s still the best dog I\'ve ever had. Thank you!

Molly is the Best! ::

July 13, 2019 TanyaMunro

We have decided to name her Molly. She is getting along great with Murphy. She went for her first vet visit today and the vet said she is doing great. She even got microchipped and did not whimper at all. She weighs almost 15 lbs now. She Just Loves Murphy and the kids. We can\'t get over how sweet and friendly she is. Molly is the best!

You are the very best! ::

July 13, 2019 TanyaMunro

Everything you do with your litter to make sure we get the perfect, happy, healthy poodle is just amazing. I\'ve never seen a breeder who operated like you do. Thank you for the way you raised my puppy! We love him!

Alma is perfect! ::

July 13, 2019 TanyaMunro

Hi Tanya; I bought Alma from you 17 months ago; We are interested in another poodle because Alma\'s so perfect and we want her to have a perfect playmate.

These Poodles Are So Calm & Loving ::

July 13, 2019 TanyaMunro

These poodles are calm and so lovable. Tanya is a quality breeder. promise you will get Poodle Puppy Fever

The Perfect Poodle ::

July 13, 2019 TanyaMunro

Jemma\'s first night in her new home went well.Wagging tail and being the perfect poodle. Love & hugs to her brothers & sisters. Mom Theta you did a fabulous job with your babies. Tanya thank you for all your efforts.

Bella Has Been the Best Pet in the World A Fun Loving Lady Poodle ::

July 13, 2019 TanyaMunro

Bella, Born November 6, 2009, bred by Tanya, Daughter of Lady Tara Thea and Mon Ami Bijou Matai. She has been the best pet in the world, the happiest and most fun loving lady poodle. Bella has been gentle and charming to everyone she has met and being six months older than my oldest grandgirl, has proven to be the finest dog companion to all. Thank you Tanya!

My Angel Is Becoming a Therapy Dog ::

July 13, 2019 TanyaMunro

Hello, I\'m writing because I want to tell you how one of your puppies are doing. I got my Angel 1/21/18. She is a love. I\'m taking her to puppy school and she is doing quite well. I plan on making her a therapy dog and have her be an AKC Good Citizen. She also is a protester as she has gone to the Michigan State Capital for different actions. I have some photo\'s that I would like to share. Angel is my 4th standard poodle and my 6th poodle in my lifetime starting with my Jewel, a black toy poodle I had in the late 50\'s.

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