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Hello. We are Don and April Johnson. We are located in Sequatchie, Tennessee. We have owned Standard Poodles for twenty years and have occasionally produced a litter for the past ten years. Our journey began when we were searching for the perfect family dog. Our children were very allergic to pets and our youngest son is autistic. We needed a dog that was completely hypoallergenic with enough intelligence and sensitivity to a member of our family. Standard Poodles have changed our lives in so many ways. My autistic child has bonded and learned from his dog in such a way that he is now capable of handling situations and doing things that would have seemed impossible before his poodles. As a type one diabetic I now rely on my poodles in a way that I could have never imagined. From turning the lights on or off and helping my son through a panic attack to bringing me insulin kit,  poodles have allowed us Independence and confidence to face the trials of our everyday life. They have filled our hearts with a love and loyalty than only a standard poodle can give. With all the doodles on the market today, and many making false claims, We try to produce one to two litters a year to do our part in keeping this breed alive and thriving. So if you're searching for that perfect family pet or dog that can provide services and therapy, our dogs are bred not only for their gorgeous appearance but with the incredibly high intelligence one would expect from the breed.


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