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  • Breeder Name: James J Lengacher
  • Featured Breed: Bernadoodle Puppies
  • Location: New Haven, IN
  • Phone Number: 260.494.1375
Hello! I’m James J Lengacher. My family and I value joy and are experienced in raising charming little Bernadoodle puppies for sale. Our puppies are family raised at our home in New Haven, IN and are known for their family raised and played with by children. Plus, each of our puppies is raised on love and played with by children, so yes, you can expect well socialized and child friendly little pups when browsing our four-legged friends. We first stepped into the breeding world out of a love for connecting puppies with loving families and today we’re excited to offer puppies who are family raised, and played with by children. Not to mention, each of our puppies is promised to arrive home vet-checked, vaccinated, and socialized. Browse our cute little fur-balls today and say yes to years of many wonderful moments. Should you have any questions, or would like to be notified of future litters, call me at 260.494.1375.
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