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Located in the state of Ohio on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Edon, we are delighted to announce adorable Bichon Frise puppies. Our puppies are pre-loved by our family and country raised. We can't wait to introduce you to one of our amazing puppies. Give us a call today at 567.239.1435.


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February 5, 2019

We adopted a 9-week old bichon from Eva in Jan 2019. We\'ve had him about two weeks onw, and he is the BEST dog. He sleeps easily through the night, chews only his own toys, and already knew to go potty outdoors. We took him to the vet three days after bringing him home and the vet said he was completely healthy. No worms, no problems in his stool, and no behavior problems at the vet either. When we visited Eva\'s farm, we could tell right away that she raises her bichons with a lot of love and care. Their mother was groomed and healthy, and Eva clearly cared about each individual puppy. We are so glad we adopted from Eva, and we have recommended her to our friends as well. Thank you so much for our wonderful \"Vixen,\" whom we are now calling Casper. He\'s an absolutely wonderful puppy. <3

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