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The American Bully is a fairly new breed with pit Bull ties. Breeders have created the perfect pet! They may look tough but personality wise they are the sweetest loyal loving cuddlers!! They make excellent ESA (emotional support animals) their comforting traits are popular in changing the lives of peoples with Autism, Anxiety and PTSD Bentley Bully’s has 3 delightful 9 week old pups available for sale these pups are humanely bred with veterinary assisted insemination and cesarean birth Male Amethyst the big boy! Named for his gorgeous lilac/grey coloring and sweet calm personality Female Howlite grey and white with speckles this sweet girl is full of energy and also loves to cuddle   Female Ruby! The runt! Tan/white full of joy and mischief in home litter handled daily  with loving care, child friendly, gets a long with other small breed dogs  


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