Dog Breeder Directory

Dog Breeder Directory

At VIP Puppies, we offer a selection of responsible breeders and reputable sellers who love puppies as much as you. Fully committed to the well-being of their dogs, many choose buyers just as carefully as you look for a seller.

Get to know each breeder and seller through their personal story and kennel page. Learn how long they’ve been in business and why they pursued this path. What breeds do they specialize in and why do they adore them? Do they belong to any dog clubs or participate in dog shows? Plus, grab their best advice for new puppy parents.
Don’t be in the dark when bringing home your charming little pupper. Discover the right puppy for your personality and know which essentials you need on hand before your pooch comes home. Oh, and did you know the first weeks of a puppy’s life are the most important? Stay informed and avoid regrets.

We hope our breeder’s stories help both buyers and sellers feel more comfortable with one another. Find your elite dog breeder today.

VIP Puppies

Our Story

We’re a family of six from Fort Wayne, IN, who loves both working and sitting down for pizza together.  We are woodworkers by trade but a love for puppies runs deep in the household.

As a boy, Scott – the oldest son – dreamed of owning a puppy.  He had a breed crush on Norwegian Elkhounds and longingly begged Dad and Mom for his very own puppy.  It seemed to no avail until one day after school he encountered a surprise at home: his very own Duke O’Riley.  The next years were filled with many hours traveling the world together (or maybe just the back yard) exploring and searching for adventure.

Love for puppies multiplied and eventually we all agreed (Dad was a bit skeptical at first) to step into the dog breeding world.  Experience brought much wisdom as we found ourselves encountering sleepless nights, thousands of baby monitor checks, vet checks, messes, baths, vaccinations, and hours of phone communication.  Today we realize elite breeding and providing quality puppies is no cinch.

So in 2009 we entertained the idea of creating a business which would assist people in finding and selling puppies.  We left the thought idle for a while, but did notice many breeders preferred time spent with puppies over hours on the phone.

2015 found us slowly phasing out of dog breeding.  Yes, we still loved raising puppies that would bring joy to people, but we were simply too busy.

Breeders approached us in 2016 asking if we’d be willing to sell their puppies.  Sometimes it still looks over our heads, but it is our honor to serve the puppy world.  Today we strive to stop puppy mills, promote elite breeders, and place quality puppies in loving homes.

We’re working as a family to bring your family years of joy!