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Border Collie Breed

Sara Ochoa

By Dr. Sara Ochoa

Are you looking for an active pup to add to your family activites?

Say hello to the Border Collie!

This energetic dog will keep you on your toes.

He is medium sized and comes in a variety of colors.

The border’s coat can either be medium length or short and smooth.

This pup will adore your children.

Naturally social and hardworking, the border will do everything in his power to make you happy.


This breed has a long history.

With origins in ancient Rome, the border has been building a formidable reputation for centuries.

He is known for his intelligence and work-ethic.

This breed is a classic companion for anyone with an active lifestyle.

The border is very vocal and can provide loud warning to you of anything or anyone out of the norm.


The border has a relatively low-maintenance coat, meant to withstand the outdoor elements.

You should expect to stay active with your border.

He needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation.

A bored collie can result in naughty and destructive behavior.

Do you want to learn more about this beautiful and cheerful breed?

Read on!



Border Collie Breed

The border collie is one of the most immediately recognizable breeds around.

This pup is a sturdy, medium-sized dog.

He sports a medium-length double coat with a wavy texture.

Typical coloring is black and white, but can also include blue, brindle, sable, gold, red, and many more varieties.

This beautiful coat does not require a lot of maintenance.

He mostly sheds seasonally, so a low level of daily grooming is all that is necessary.

The border’s coat is adapted to working long hours in all weather conditions.

This makes it easy to take care of.


The border stands between 18 and 22 inches tall.

His ideal weight is in the range of 30-55 pounds.

This breed requires intensive daily exercise.

This not only helps with mental stimulation, but helps the border maintain a healthy weight.

The border has attentive ears and a beautiful bushy tail, unlike some other working breeds that traditionally have theirs docked.

These two physical features will provide any cues you need for what your dog is thinking.

Your border also has incredibly expressive eyes.

Don’t be intimidated by his intense stare!

Your border will love the time you take to learn his physical cues!



Border Collie Breed

One thing everyone agrees on is that the border collie is hard-working.

This dog was bred to herd flocks of livestock (usually sheep) in the highlands of Scotland and Wales.

Determination and spunk are literally in his blood.

Historically, the border was used to long days working in all kinds of weather.

Some experts estimate that borders would run an average of 50 miles every day while out herding.

The border is not going to be a good cuddle dog.

He wants a job to do.

Only when he feels like he has put in a full day’s work will a border allow himself to relax with his family.


The border is an extremely affectionate dog who will love your family whole-heartedly.

He is typically good with younger children but keep an eye on his herding instincts.

The border is compelled to herd whatever and whenever he can.

This includes children, other pets, and even robotic machinery such as Roombas or robot lawn-mowers.

Known for his intense stare, the border will take every opportunity to do the job that is ingrained into his very DNA.

The border is typically very friendly with anyone, even new people, so he doesn’t make a good guard dog.

However, this breed is known for being very vocal and barking at the slightest disturbance.

This makes him an excellent watch-dog.



Border Collie Breed

As stated above, this breed needs a lot of exercise.

This breed is definitely not for the owner who prefers to stay at home chilling.

The border needs to be a part of a family where he will have a specific role.

A home where he has a job and can work all day is ideal.

However, the border can be quite happy as a non-working dog as long as his humans provide plenty of physical and mental activity.

Long walks, runs, and social time at dog-parks are all helpful in keeping your border happy.

Just make sure that he has been properly trained for socialization at a young age!


Games and tricks will keep your border’s mind engaged.

Training should be a journey rather than a destination.

There is always something more for your pup to be learning!

And if the whole family can be involved in your dog’s activity, even better!

Running around outside and playing games with the family will keep your border content and fulfilled.

A large, fenced-in backyard is a must if you want to have a border collie.

Remember that a bored border often becomes disobedient and destructive.

Do yourself and your pup a favor and keep active!



Border Collie Breed

The border collie is one of the easiest breeds to take care of when it comes to grooming.

He was bred for long days working in all kinds of weather.

Naturally, his coat is perfectly adapted to that kind of work.

The border can come in two different coats.

One option is a short and smooth coat that sometimes includes some feathering on the legs.

The second option is a rough coat, characterized by medium length hair that often has a wave to it.

Both types are a double coat that typically sheds the most twice a year.


For regular grooming, your border will need brushing once or twice a week to remove any dirt and tangles from the week’s activities.

During shedding season, you will need to brush your pup thoroughly every day.

Other than the basic brushing, be sure to clean your border’s ears once a week and keep his nails trimmed.

An appropriately active border may wear his nails down naturally, but it’s always good to double check.



Border Collie Breed

This breed is extremely social and active.

Because of this, it is imperative that you pursue socialization training as early as possible with your border.

That way you can ensure that your pup will be well-prepared to interact with other people and dogs on a regular basis.

Obedience training is also extremely important.

This should continue throughout your border’s entire life.

Because the border needs a lot of mental stimulation, continuing training of varying types throughout his life will keep him happy.


The border is eager to please, which makes him easy to train.

Positive reinforcement with treats and vocal praise will encourage him and make his soul happy.

Just be careful not to use too many treats!

As always, moderation is key since you don’t want to create a weight problem.

Short sessions of training everyday work better for the border than a weekend packed full of classes.

This provides the longevity that you want your training to have.

Experts recommend agility school for borders, especially those that aren’t working dogs.

Agility school will be fun and challenging for your border and will provide another outlet for his unquenchable energy!



Border Collie Breed

The border collie is a generally healthy breed.

However, just like all breeds, the border can be prone to a few different health issues.

Borders are susceptible to food allergies.

The symptoms of food allergies can manifest as an upset stomach or a dry and itchy coat.

Another potential issue for borders is hip dysplasia.

This problem is genetic and impacts how the hip socket is formed before birth.

The effects of hip dysplasia are often not seen until later years of life once the bone gets worn down.

Borders can also be susceptible to a group of eye disorders called Collie Eye Anomaly.

These disorders are genetic, and your puppy can be tested as early as 5 to 8 weeks old.


In addition to genetic disorders, borders can fall prey to weight issues just like any other breed.

Common sense is important when looking at your dog’s weight and trying to keep him healthy.

Make sure he is getting the prescribed amount of exercise for his breed.

Check with your veterinarian to ensure you are feeding your pup food that provides all the necessary nutrition he needs to be healthy.

Treats are important for training, but make sure not to go overboard.

An overabundance of treats is one of the most common causes of obesity in dogs.

Give your border the exercise and care that his breed requires, and you’ll have one happy pup!



Border Collie Breed

The history of the border collie breed is a long and proud one, if not particularly illustrious.

It begins when the Romans invaded the British Isles in the first century A.D.

The Roman dogs brought to Britain remained a fixture for hundreds of years.

They were large, big-boned, and hard-working herders.

Later, Viking invaders also brought their herding dogs with them to the British Isles.

These Viking dogs were smaller and more compact, fast, and agile.

The Roman breeds interbred with the Viking dogs to create what became known as the Border Collie.

The border quickly became associated with herding in the punishing highlands of Scotland.

The word ‘collie’ is derived from the Scottish dialect and means ‘sheepdog’.


In modern history, the border collie has made a name for himself.

The breed was added to the American Kennel Club herding group roster in 1995.

The border was also massively popularized by the movie ‘Babe’.

This breed continues to be well-loved and well-represented around the world.

His cheerful appearance and hard-working spirit will continue to be loved into the future.


Where Can I Find Border Collies?

Border Collie Breed

The most important thing when looking for Border Collie puppies is to find a reputable breeder.

Does your breeder have the proper certification and paperwork?

Are they willing to answer any questions you ask?

Will they provide paperwork proving your puppy’s heritage and medical history?

As mentioned above, there are a few health concerns when looking for a border collie puppy.

A reputable breeder will be more than happy to provide you with any paperwork you request.

This is important since a puppy’s genetics may inform preexisting conditions or their proclivity to developing health issues in the future.


When looking for a breeder, make sure you can find their qualifications and specifications.

Puppy mills and internet scams are a danger to both you and the breed.

The more that people avoid illegal breeders, the less likely they are to survive.

Take the time to do research on your breeder to ensure a safe, ethical purchase.

And by supporting a reliable breeder, you know that your puppy was born and raised in a safe and loving environment.

Here at VIP Puppies, it is our mission to help you find the best breeders.

Start looking at Border Collie puppies today!



Q: Are Border Collies good apartment dogs?

A: Typically, no. Borders need a lot of room to run around and opportunity to get their energy out. An apartment usually doesn’t provide that kind of space.

Q: Do Border Collies require a lot of exercise?

A: Yes. Because this breed is a herder by nature, he has a lot of stamina and energy that needs to be run off every day.

Q: Are Border Collies good family dogs?

A: Yes, this breed is typically very affectionate with family members. They will try to herd your children, though, so stay close by if you have really small children.

Q: Does the Border Collie require a lot of grooming?

A: No, the border only needs a thorough brushing once a week regularly, and a daily brushing while shedding.


In Closing

Border Collie Breed

So, what do you think?

Does the border collie sound like the kind of dog that would fit into your family?

If you have an active lifestyle, love the outdoors, and want to do everything with your dog, the border collie might be the breed for you!

What are you waiting for?

Check out these adorable border collie puppies today!

And thanks for learning about this breed with me!



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