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Why VIP Puppies?

The bond forged with dogs starts often when they're puppies and is here to help with your journey every step of the way

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A Safe Place

We provide a safe place to find the right puppy. During recent years the divide has only increased between sellers, buyers, and breeders as mistrust is harbored between parties. At you'll find a community working to bridge this gap as space is provied for all sides and perspectives to be understood and respected.

In addition, we do business with reputable sellers and breeders who are committed to their puppy's well-being. These sellers and breeders are ready to answer any questions you may have about your puppy both before and after your purchase. Breeders are also given opportunity to connect and warn against individuals who are incompetent of delivering excellent puppy care.

Knowledge and Support

We offer resources which prepare you for the ups and downs of puppy parenting. We also host global online communities delivering support and tips from other puppy lovers. From your puppy’s early development and safety to teething and potty training, we have got you covered. We can even help you determine which breed is best for you and your family.

To optimize your experience we encourage you to become a member in one of our online communities prior to purchasing your puppy. This way you’ll have opportunity to talk with other members, gather opinions on who is best to purchase from and better understand the commitment required for welcoming a puppy into your home. Your puppy may thank you as you prove better equipped to meet his or her needs.

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Make a Difference

We are here to make a difference. We believe that every puppy deserves a healthy life and a happy home. That’s why we fight to end the puppy mill industry while empowering you with knowledge to recognize signs and do your part. We also support rescue shelters with nationwide listings and adoption information.

And we invite you to join us. By leaving honest ratings and reviews you can help weed out sketchy buyers and sellers. Build on the power of social to keep away cruel sellers and incompetent buyers while endorsing those who care.

Here at, we value you. Together let’s love on puppies as homes are made happier with the presence of little VIP companions.

Our Team

Scott Lengacher

Scott Lengacher

Founder & CEO

Hailing from Lancaster, PA, Scott loves a good coffee, deep conversations, and quality dog time. As a boy, fond memories were made exploring the country with his trusted companion, Duke. Norwegian Elkhounds are his steady favorite and today Scott can’t stay away from the puppy world. When he’s not thinking puppies, Scott serves as a certified life coach and travels the world calling people to greatness.

Austin Lengacher

Austin Lengacher

Founder & Manager

Austin resides in Fort Wayne, IN and presents a steady hand for the long haul. Complaints are zilch as he always sees the positive in life. Austin loves connecting with friends over things that really matter. If you ever get the privilege of meeting him, you’re guaranteed an encounter with a super legit man. He’s the kind of guy who would give the shirt off his back.

Judson Lengacher

Judson Lengacher

Founder & Marketing Manager

Located in Fort Wayne, IN, Judson loves living and pondering life. More of a homebody, he will spend hours outdoors with his dog by his side. His love of sports will find him watching highlight reels (Colts and Cavs). And while it’s true that Judson loves playing basketball, he still looks most content when stroking fur.

Anna Lengacher

Anna Lengacher

Design & Content Director

Anna enjoys fresh brewed tea, time in the kitchen, and a run through the park. A music lover and teacher at heart, she comes alive inside the classroom or with an instrument in hand. She doesn't mind unconventional and loves quality time alongside her family in Lancaster, PA. You'll not meet a more graceful young woman.

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