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5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe this July 4th

Meet July 4th and discover a day of priceless moments steeped in rich culture and lots of patriotic tradition.

From barbecues on the beach to hamburgers around the fire and picnics at the park, July 4th is no doubt a holiday surrounded by many fun moments with family and friends.

And at days end, celebrators flock to public areas ready to top off their day with a brilliant display of fireworks.

While you might be counting down the days to this holiday just around the corner, your dog would be full of dread if he had any idea what’s about to unfold.

Unfortunately, shelters are at their fullest when July 5th rolls in.

Combine the terror of fireworks with unfamiliar celebrations and a dog can go wild in search of comfort and safety.

There’s no way around it.

It’s simply fact that among sounds dogs hate are the screaming, popping, ground shaking fireworks.

This fourth, think ahead on how you can promise your canine friend a safe and pleasant holiday, void of all those sounds that make dogs go crazy.


Five tips to increase your dog’s safety on July 4th are:

1. Keep your dog at home on July 4th.

Sure, you may be longing for another run together on the beach.

Or perhaps the thought of enjoying a party without your dog leaves you sickened.

But come time for fireworks and your four-legged friend will absolutely love you for leaving him behind.

It’s no lie dogs hate fireworks.

From the thundering bangs to those bright lights streaking across a night sky, dogs grow terrified when that first firework explodes.


2. Create a safe place for your dog.

While you’re enjoying the party, avoid giving your dog access to the whole house at home.

Instead, leave him in a familiar room where he will be safe.

If your dog is crate trained, consider draping a blanket overtop the crate to help drown out any booming fireworks.

In addition, keep the curtains closed and blinds pulled to avoid unpleasant visual stimulation.

You might also play soft music to help drown out those terrifying explosions.


3. Avoid offering table scraps to your dog.

Sudden changes in diet may prove harmful for a growing canine and chocolate isn’t the only doggy no-no.

Avocados, grapes, coffee, onions, and raisins can also produce unpleasant results in your canine friend.

Throw the scraps away and spoil your dog with a few quality dog treats instead.


4. Use appropriate sunscreen for your dog.

If you do allow your pet time in the backyard, don’t grab your personal bottle of sunscreen.

Instead be sure any sunscreen you apply on your dog is appropriate for animals and safe to use on your four-legged friend.

(Bonus tip: Insect repellant is another doggy no-no.)


5. Microchip your dog.

All the unfamiliar stimulation surrounding our patriotic holiday is enough to send your dog bolting in search of anything that feels safe.

Terrified dogs are quick to jump fences, escape leashes, and cover large ground in attempts to flee those thundering sounds common to 4th of July.

As a result, be sure your dog is microchipped and carries an ID tag with your name and number included.

Also, snap a few pictures of your dog should you need to hang any ‘missing’ posters over the next few days (worst case scenario, of course!).

Should your dog become anxious, know how to calm down a dog.


Fireworks are one of the sounds dogs hate that are common on July 4th.


How to calm down a dog:

The first and best secret to calm an anxious dog is you.

Spend time with your dog and speak in a soothing voice.

Comfort him with your presence and let him know things will be okay.

Soon enough the 4th will past, the fireworks over and life will return to normal.

Your Bowser will again be himself and those booming sounds that make dogs go crazy will be gone for another year.

Cheers to a fun, safe and dog-friendly fourth!


We hope this article equips you to keep your dog calm and safe this 4th of July.

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