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How To Report Puppy Mills & Scams

As much as we’d like to believe that every puppy buyer or seller only has good intentions in mind, scams and clear instances of bad buyers do occur. It can be tough to know what to do in these situations so we’ve outlined steps you should take in the event you encounter the following issues:

  • Evidence of a puppy mill
  • Scams involving puppy sellers
  • Evidence of a buyer reselling puppies elsewhere
  • Known bad, neglectful or abusive buyers

For starters it is important to note that banning an individual or his or her business from VIP Puppies cannot prevent them from continuing their scam elsewhere, and it is unlikely to save any animals from possible poor conditions. Your first step should always be to report suspicions or evidence through the proper channels which are provided for you below.

Puppy Mills and Scams in the United States

Puppy Mill Reporting

To report a suspected puppy mill, contact the Humane Society of the United States by clicking here or calling 1-877-MILL-TIP. The HSUS offers a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of a puppy mill operator.

Puppy Scammer Reporting

The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association maintains an actively updated listing of frequently reported scammers. You can view the 2019 list here.

If you have been scammed, report scammers to:

IPATA: By emailing

Better Business Bureau: By following this link.

Law Enforcement: By filing a complaint at your local police department.

FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center: By following this link.

Puppy Mill Reporting in the United Kingdom

Puppy mills and puppy farming are regrettably legal within the UK despite intense pressure from those seeking better animal welfare and animal rights. As of Feb 2017, progress is being made to clamp down on this practice. Cruelty, neglect and abuse are still illegal throughout the UK and can be reported at the links provided below.

Puppy Cruelty and Neglect Reporting in the UK

RSPCA: By clicking here.

Puppy Scammer Reporting

IPATA: By emailing

Action Fraud: By clicking here.

Local Law Enforcement

Puppy Mills and Scams In Canada

Puppy Cruelty and Neglect Reporting

SPCA: Due to the lack of a national SPCA, please contact the SPCA within your specific province.

Puppy Scammer Reporting

IPATA: By emailing

Local Law Enforcement

For All Other Countries:

Please contact your local law enforcement via a non-emergency number and inquire where to report incidences of puppy mills and puppy scams. The IPATA maintains a global list of scammers and can be contacted internationally by email at  The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals exists in countries, provinces and cities around the world, so it may be helpful to check if there is one in your area for all cruelty and neglect reporting.

Tips To Avoid Puppy Scams:

  • Visit your puppy if possible
  • Never respond to requests for Western Union, Moneygram or money orders for payment
  • Ask for their Veterinarian reference
  • Ask for a short video of the puppy, or picture with puppy and a paper including name/date
  • Avoid dogs with abnormally high “adoption fees”
  • Look for verifiable social media or company website
  • Ensure phone number is from the correct country/area

VIP Puppies Global List

To help ensure a smooth buying and selling experiences for people and puppies alike, we maintain an in-house list of any scammers, puppy mills and bad or resell buyers reported to us and confirmed. We cannot do this without your help and speaking out. To add to this list please report them to us at

The key to getting a puppy is buying informed and knowing how to avoid puppy mills. If you are looking for a reputable and safe place to buy a puppy, be sure to visit We work with reputable dog breeders and sellers that care about their puppies’ well-being.  Check out all of our cute puppies for sale online today!


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