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Pomsky Breed Group: Mixes

Height: 10 – 15 inches at the shoulder     

Weight: 7 – 38 pounds     

Life Span: 12 – 15 years

Average Cost: 1,500 – 5,000

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Breed Info


Pomeranian meets Siberian Husky in the adorable Pomsky designer breed.

Thanks to a variety in parents, you’ll never know exactly what’s behind your Pomsky’s coat of fur.

Still one thing is certain.

You’re bound for an exciting adventure when you welcome a Pomsky into your home.


While only a few years ago the Pomsky wasn’t even in puppy vocabulary, today the charming little Pomsky is taking the designer dog world by storm.

These little companions are proving to be absolute favorites and adore being center of attention.

They are charming little canines as they flaunt a beautiful silky coat in a variety of colors and patterns.


Because both parents are typically affectionate and playful, it is likely a Pomsky will be no exception.

However, while a breeder hopes to provide puppies carrying the best traits from both mom and dad, it remains difficult to guarantee specific traits in a Pomsky pup.

In addition, there is currently no breed standard for the Pomsky.

Hence it is difficult to promise how a small Pomsky puppy will mature.


Take Your Pick! 

Typically a Siberian Husky serves as female with a Pomeranian acting as dad.

Consequently, a Pomsky can be any size between the two breeds and range from toy all the way to medium.

How a Pomsky matures depends largely on his/her nature as well as the nurturing process while still just a pup.


Bringing smiles to many a home, the Pomsky is highly adaptable and can settle easily into tiny apartment living.

They’ll provide a fun playmate with older children and with proper training, can get along fine with cats and other small animals.

Still, never leave a Pomsky alone with small children.

Oftentimes a little toddler will prove too rough for a tiny little Pomsky.

It only takes one careless toss to leave a cute little Pomsky with painful injuries.


Thanks to a Pomeranian’s preference for yapping combined with the Siberian Husky’s fondness for howling and whining, the Pomsky is a vocal little chap.

Whether yapping at something amiss or whining for more playtime, your Pomsky is prone to make his/her little voice heard.

In addition, Pomskies will typically connect deepest with a single individual.

Other folks can be friends, but ultimate loyalty will be placed on one specific human.





Pomsky puppies are sweet, smart and playful.

They’ll make a friend laugh while snatching center stage.

These adorable little fur-balls love attention and seem to know they are among the cutest little dogs.

With proper training, they’ll be great friends with other dogs and household cats.


Each Pomsky presents a combination of their parent’s temperaments paired with inherited genes and the socialization they receive will still pups.

Thanks to their smarts, Pomsky puppies are also quick to learn although they can flaunt some stubborn attitude too (thanks to their Husky parent!).

As a result, it’s important a Pomsky is matched with an experienced dog owner who will provide kind and consistent training.





Exercise demands are only moderate for the little Pomsky.

While these fur-balls are quick to adapt, each Pomsky should enjoy at least a short to moderate walk daily.

Plus, if your Pomsky is enjoying good health, he/she may also thrive in specific dog sports including nose work, obedience, agility and rally.

Intersperse daily walks with a stroll down town or a hike through the woods.





Don’t be fooled by their winsome gaze and beautiful silk coat.

Well-behaved Pomsky fur-balls don’t simply happen overnight.

Like other little canine buddies, the Pomsky can easily develop obnoxious levels of barking and unacceptable behaviors.

Fortunately, Pomsky puppies can also be quick to learn while thriving on good training.

So go ahead and start training the first day your little pupper arrives home.

Always be firm, kind and consistent in your training.


In addition, discover what motivates your Pomsky pup the most.

Toss in lots of positive praise, favorite puppy treats and playful dog toys to enjoy positive leverage while training your maturing Pomsky.



If you are struggling to guide your Pomsky through the ropes of life, consider enrolling your Pomsky in a puppy kindergarten by ten to twelve weeks of age.

Also plan to socialize your little pup to unfamiliar sights, smells and sounds.

Visit busy parks together, take your little Fido along shopping, and enjoy leisurely strolls together to aid in the socialization journey.

As a result, you’ll be rewarded with a polite and friendly little Pomsky pal.





Every Pomsky is the product of his/her background and breeding.

While you can never be certain which traits are being inherited from mom and which traits are coming from dad, you can be certain every little Pomsky puppy is an adventure waiting to happen.

So be proactive in looking for a puppy with parents of good personality.

In addition, be sure your puppy has been well socialized from his/her early days.

Because there is no breed standard for this new designer breed, a Pomsky can be any size between his Siberian Husky mom and Pomeranian dad.





Charming little Pomsky pals have rightfully earned themselves a reputation of being heavy shedders.

They’ll shed their coat and grow new fur twice a year (typically Spring and Fall), during which seasons they will shed extra hairs.

During the rest of the year the Pomsky will shed moderately and should be fine with a weekly brushing.

Come Spring and Fall, however, and you can expect to brush your little Pomsky at least once each day to keep more hair on the brush and less floating about your home.


Be sure to keep your Pomsky’s ears clean from buildup of wax and debris.



Trim the nails every few weeks, and brush your little Fido’s teeth frequently with a vet approved toothpaste.

Bathe the little buddy when necessary and enjoy good little dog health.

In addition, enjoy each grooming session as an opportunity to bond with your small canine friend.

And always, keep an eye open for unusual growths, bruises, bare spots and any signs of infection.



Average Pomsky Price


Each Pomsky price tag depends on his/her origin as well as if the parents hold any dog titles.

The looks and size of a Pomsky will also cause the price to fluctuate, with smaller Pomskies typically carrying higher price tags.

In addition, higher price tags can be expected for Pomskies coming from parents with good health clearances.


Pomsky puppies typically cost between $1,500 – $3,000.

However, you can expect to pay up to $5,000 for premium Pomskies who arrive home from top breed lines and superior pedigree.



What is the best Pomsky food? 

Little Pomsky pals sport high energy and require a quality dog food that will directly meet their needs.

Consider starting your Pomsky on this nutritious Small and Medium Sized Dog Food.Find high quality food for you medium and small puppies online today!

Each recipe combines select nutrients and vitamins to promote strong joints, a gleaming doggy coat and healthy energy levels in your growing Pomsky puppy.

Plus, each bag is produced in the United States and contains a perfectly sized kibble for a maturing little Pomsky.

After your Pomsky reaches his/her six month birthday, transition them to this All Stage Dog FoodFind high quality dry dog food for all lifes stages from Life's Abundance online today!

Not only does All Stage Dog Food promote a long and happy life, but it also contains a healthy dose of Omega 3 and 6.

So you can tip your hat and say yes to healthy dog skin and a beautiful, gleaming coat.

Plus, every batch of kibble is 100% free from corn, wheat gluten, and artificial flavors and colors.



Pomsky FAQ

How long does a Pomsky live?

Pomskies typically live between 12 – 15 years old.  Exactly how long each Pomsky lives is directly connected to the care he/she receives, as well as diet and daily exercise.

How long have Pomskies been around?

Pomskies carry only a short history and are believed to have first started around 2009.  In 2012, the first recorded litter of Pomskies within the United States were born.

When is a Pomsky full grown?

Pomskies can be any size between their Siberian Husky mom and Pomeranian dad.  Full grown, Pomskies stand between 10 – 15 inches at the shoulder and weigh 7 – 38 pounds.

How many Pomsky puppies in a litter?

There are typically 5 – 7 puppies in a litter of Pomskies.  Thanks to the variety in parents, each Pomsky may be completely different from his/her litter mates.

What are Pomskies?

Pomskies are a designer dog breed presenting a mix of Siberian Husky with Pomeranian.  Typically the Mother is a Siberian Husky while the Father is Pomeranian.



Why you shouldn’t purchase a Pomsky puppy:

As pups, their exact size is unpredictable and it’s hard to predict their eventual temperament.  


Why you should purchase a Pomsky puppy:

They are super adorable, they are quick to learn, and they get along well with children and other small pets.





Quick facts:

  • A Pomsky’s coat can be a variety of colors and patterns including blue merle, brown red, and more.
  • The Pomsky is a heavy shedder who grows a new coat twice each year.
  • Like their parents, Pomsky puppies are vocal little pals.



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