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Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer

Temperatures have been high this summer, and if we’re feeling the heat without a fur coat, imagine what your dog is experiencing. When it comes to your little four legged friends, providing them with the care they need should be priority. Unfortunately, while we do so well with preparing for ourselves when we head out for a long hike or a day on the lake, we rarely think about what our pets are going to need. Today’s blog post is dedicated to summer safety for your pups so they can enjoy the summer activities just as much as you do.

Always Bring Water

Hydration and dehydration are just as real for animals as they are for us. With dogs, their fur coat makes it difficult to keep cool.  As a result, it’s not unusual for canines to pant and overheat. Whether you’re headed on a run, a long hike or you are just spending some time out on the deck, be sure your dog always has access to water.

There are a few different ways that you can carry it that make it easy for your dog to keep hydrated. There are even collapsible, easy to carry bowls that you can clip onto their leash and fill when needed. This is truly one of the easiest and best ways to make sure that your dog keeps cool through the warm summer activities.

Dogs Get Sun-burnt

While they may not burn the same way we do, dogs do get sun-burnt. Many owners of puppies and older dogs don’t realize this. Subsequently, folks fail to provide their pets with the care that’s needed to safely enjoy the sun. While the coat of the dog may seem like enough protection, dogs with shorter coats, or wet coats, have a higher chance of getting burnt.

Something to remember with this is that when you get your dogs hair cut, we have the intentions of keeping them cool so that they can enjoy the summer. Unfortunately, these short haircuts do increase the chances of them getting burnt, especially when they first get their hair cut. Make sure to keep an eye on how much time they’re spending outside so that you can do your best to avoid this.

Watch Their Paws

Have you ever walked on a hot pool deck or sidewalk? After even an hour of the sun beaming on the ground, it can reach some pretty outrageous temperatures. The skin on the bottom of our feet is some of the toughest on our bodies.  It’s also some of the most sensitive. The heat that we feel can be outrageous, and that’s on tough skin! The same scenario goes for dogs.  Be sure you aren’t letting your fur-ball walk on hot, tough ground to the point of it becoming painful.

As humans, we have the ability to put shoes on our feet and protect our soles. Dogs do not.  Besides, most of the shoes designed for dogs today can cause incredible discomfort and are not something we suggest. Rather than go out and buy a pair of shoes for your dog, simply be aware of the current temperatures.  Take frequent breaks, and be proactive in protecting those paws from unwanted blisters and cracks.

In Closing

Aside from these three tips, make sure you do everything possible to keep your dog safe. From water safety tips to providing your dog with the right types of water and avoiding summer colds, be sure to consider what your dog will experience while out in the sun too.

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