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Essentials Before the Big Day

If you’ve decided to add a new puppy to your family, then there are a few things to make sure you have ready before officially bringing him or her home. Today we are going to focus on the bare minimum which you should have to make the first night, or the first few nights at most, a little easier for both you and your puppy.


Your puppy is going to need to eat and the last thing you want is to be running to the pet store with a hungry puppy who is adapting to a new setting.  Rather, always look into the different types of puppy food brands in advance and find one you think will be a good fit for your pup. Some canine foods are breed specific while others are advertised specifically for a puppy. Making sure you have an appropriate puppy food which is perfect for your puppy’s breed and age is something you’ll definitely appreciate having done ahead of time.

Tip: While it isn’t the biggest of ‘musts’, be sure you have a bowl for both your puppy’s food and water for when they arrive home. As you browse for their food, or even when you’re completing research on which brand is going to be the best fit, look a little deeper into their breed and what size they can grow into. Save some money by buying a bowl they can grow into rather than having to buy new bowls throughout their growth spurt.


Dogs are descendants of wolves who find a safe haven in caves. For this reason, many dogs find a safe space inside a crate. In addition, crate training is a great way to get your dog to the discipline level needed to have them as a house pet. This is the most common and successful technique used to potty train a puppy while teaching him or her not to get into anything in the house. For example, chewing up shoes or jumping on the couch are known to be conquered in training with the help of a crate.

Tip: A proper crate is another item that you’ll want to consider your canines growth for. If you have selected a breed that is going to grow quite a bit in the first year or two of their lives, it can be easier to maintain their growth by simply having them grown into a larger crate. You might also want to pick up a comfortable dog bed to put inside the crate so the space is correlated with comfort and seen as a home.

Collar & Tags

One of the most important things you can get early on your doggy journey is a collar and appropriate tags. These are absolutely necessary items to have if you have a pet, and for very good reason. While chipping dogs is a new way of getting canines back to their owner, having a tag with the dog’s name and your phone number can make the process of finding a lost dog so much easier. So go ahead, pick out a tag and add your dog’s name, your phone number and any vaccinations your dog has had which people should be aware of. Rabies is the most common vaccination printed on dog tags.

Tip: Leashes are going to be put right next to the collar so it’s handy to pick one up while you’re at the pet store. When purchasing a leash, consider your lifestyle along with the energy level and size of your dog. Consider how often you’re going to be walking your dog on a leash, whether running is an option, the weight of the dog and how big they’ll get over time. This will help you maintain control over them while walking while also providing your growing canine with the extra give they need to enjoy the walk.

VIP Puppies works hard to ensure our puppies are going to good homes.  Plus, it’s our goal to ensure new puppy owners are fully prepared for what they need to know and do before bringing a puppy home. Keep up with our blog for more information on how you can provide your new pet with the best life possible. When you’re looking for puppies for sale across the United States, you can count on VIP Puppies to have the best selection from elite breeders nationwide. Check them out online today!



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