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| Responsible dog breeder /noun/: someone who – at the core – really loves dogs |

It’s the extra punch which sets you apart as an elite breeder.  Sometimes though?  Being a responsible dog breeder is still just crazy hard.  Profits are low, bills are high and headaches are many.  That’s why we’re stepping in: because it’s time your love for raising pups doesn’t lose you one more dollar.  VIP Puppies is set on seeing you succeed.  We’re here to start folks in responsible dog breeding, place quality puppies, and showcase your stunning kennel business.  And yes, we’ll help you every single step of the way (including, but not limited to, starting an LLC, insurance, branding, finding a vet, and placing puppies).  Cheers to responsible dog breeding and many more charming little pups!

How To Start A Dog Breeding Business

Are you just getting started with dog breeding?
In our step by step guide to getting started in dog breeding, we dive into everything you need to know.

Learn how to start a dog breeding business here!

Branding Your Kennel To Success

Learn how to brand your kennel for success from day one.

As for any business, marketing plays a key part in your success as a kennel or adoption agency.

Branding is one of the first steps towards lasting success.

Learn how to brand your kennel to success here.

Dog Breeding Website Badge

Take dog breeding to the next level by offering our newborn celebration pack to puppy buyers.

Offer a newborn celebration pack to your puppy buyers and let us do the work!
It is a great way to take your dog breeding business to a new level. To find our more details or to have us send a puppy welcome gift for you, visit here.

Grab your breeder website code here.

What You Need To Know About Dogs In Heat

Is your dog in heat?  When is the best time to breed your dog?

Understanding your bitch’s cycle is an important aspect of operating a successful breeding business.

Learn how and when to breed your female dog during her cycle.

Learn how to start breeding your dog here.

3 Steps to a Winning Dog Breeder Story

Your description will be read by customers when reviewing your available puppies.

This is an opportunity to put your best foot forward with a compelling story about how you got into dog breeding and what keeps you there.

Learn how to write your dog breeding story here.

Better yet, check out our Breeder Story Generator.

We developed this free tool to help dog breeders succeed in telling their story.

Create captivating breeder stories here.

Responsible Dog Breeding

What does responsible dog breeding mean?

Are you a responsible dog breeder?

Learn more about how to avoid the puppy breeder stigma and how to take your business to new heights.

Learn about responsible dog breeding here.

Creating A Winning Dog Description

The description and pictures are key to placing puppies in loving homes.

At times the description can look overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be difficult.

Learn how to write dog descriptions that sell puppies here.

Better yet, check out our Dog Description Generator.

We developed this free dog breeding tool to help dog breeders succeed in selling puppies.

Create winning dog descriptions here.

Sell Your Puppies with Video

It’s 2018 and people love seeing video!

When placing puppies online, video helps separate your kennel from other puppy breeders.

Add video to your descriptions and get your puppies sold to loving homes.

Check out our guide to adding videos to puppy descriptions here.

Include A Great Puppy Contract With Each Bill Of Sale

What is important to offer with your Health Guarantee?

How long should my health guarantee cover?

Coming up with your own health guarantee or puppy contract is a pain, so we are giving ours away for free.

Get your free puppy contract here.

How To Find The Best Home For Your Puppies

It can be difficult to know to find the perfect family for your puppies new home.

Here are some of our top tips on how to find the perfect home and what things to avoid on the journey.

Learn how to find homes for your puppies.

Selling Dogs Online

Join the VIP community and enjoy premium access to your very own on-line store front where you can display prized canines, show off glowing ratings and reviews and start a waiting list for future litters. In addition, offer an attractive puppy e-book to customers (this one’s on us!), include a beautifully packaged welcome kit with every single puppy, and enjoy selling with absolute confidence.

Learn how to sell puppies online here.

I Just Want To Breed Dogs!
Do My Puppy Pictures Really Matter?

A big part of dog breeding is finding homes for your canines. As with people, first impressions are a big deal. Like it or not, the quality of your pictures will play a big part of how successful you will be as a dog breeder.

Learn how to take puppy pictures that find homes here.

A vaccinations schedule for puppies

Puppy Vaccination Schedule For Breeders

In today’s blog post, you’ll discover which vaccines are considered core for your puppy’s health, which vaccines are optional, and how you can be proactive in protecting your maturing canine from unpleasant dog illnesses.

Learn about puppy vaccinations here.

Puppy Names For Your Next Litter

Do you name each of your puppies before finding a new home?  It can be difficult to come up with a name that fits each puppies personality.  If you need some fresh inspiration for your next litter be sure to check out our boy puppy names and girl puppy names.

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