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At VIP Puppies, we offer a selection of local, responsible dog breeders and reputable dog sellers who love puppies as much as you. Fully committed to the well-being of their dogs and puppies, many choose buyers just as carefully as you look for a seller. The list of dog breeders below was created to help people searching for "dog breeders near me".

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In our dog breeder directory above, you will find a list of dog breeders that currently have cute puppies for sale. Get to know each breeder and seller through their personal story and kennel page. Learn how long they’ve been in business and why they pursued this path. What breeds do they specialize in and why do they adore them? Do they belong to any dog clubs or participate in dog shows? Plus, grab their best advice for new puppy parents.

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Don’t be in the dark when bringing home your charming little pupper. Discover the right puppy for your personality and know which essentials you need on hand before your pooch comes home. Oh, and did you know the first weeks of a puppy’s life are the most important? Stay informed and avoid regrets. When you find a nearby breeder of choice, be sure to join their waiting list so you can get the pick of their next litter.
If you would like to add your responsible kennel to our list of dog breeders, visit our page on selling puppies to learn more.

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