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How to Choose the Right Puppy for Your Personality

This is it. No more wishing. No more wondering. No more wavering.

You’re ready for a puppy.

Excited about your decision, you start a shopping list. Then realize, you missed a step – what type? Do you pick a puppy based on looks, and trust your heart? Or do you go by popularity, trends, and top 10 lists?

Truthfully, neither one.

Just as your best friends in life match your personality, your dog should too.



Choose the right puppy by asking yourself a few fundamental questions.

  1. What size of dog are you comfortable handling? Puppies are adorable and manageable on a leash. Yet, when they become full-size, will you feel in control? If you have doubts, perhaps that playful Rottweiler puppy isn’t for you.
  2. How large is your living space? Though small breeds are suited to apartment living, more active ones still enjoy a good run in the park. At the same time, not every large dog needs a big yard. Some large breeds like the docile Greyhound are content in a smallish yard.
  3. What’s your energy level? Do you prefer binge-watching Netflix or finding new hiking trails? While puppies possess individual personalities, there are common traits among breeds. So if you don’t want your TV shows interrupted with recurrent requests to play ball, find a couch potato breed.
  4. How often will your puppy be left alone? Puppies don’t like to be alone, and some breeds are worse than others – like Golden Retrievers and Chihuahuas. When left alone too long, they become anxious, bored, and destructive. If you have a demanding career and active social life, you might want to reconsider what’s best for your puppy.
  5. Do you or does anyone in your household have allergies? Many people think the length of a dog’s fur and the amount of shedding effect allergies. On the contrary, most people aren’t allergic to a dog’s fur. They’re allergic to their dander (flecks of a dog’s skin) or their saliva. What’s more, a dog’s fur may trap indoor and/or outdoor allergens that trigger symptoms. So when it comes to choosing the right puppy, don’t go by their fur, look for hypoallergenic breeds instead.
  6. How much grooming are you willing to do or pay for? Long-haired dogs naturally collect grass, mud, and more while outdoors. As a result, they require a greater amount of brushing, bathing, and trimming than their short-haired counterparts. If you’re not one for DIY and don’t want the professional expense, consider the intelligent Boston Terrier instead of the lively Maltese.
  7. Are you willing to spend extra time training? Some dog breeds are easier to train than others. Check for potty training challenges, destructive behaviors, and dog obedience issues.
  8. Will your climate be a problem? Some puppies don’t do well in extreme hot or cold climates. It’s simply not what they’re bred for. Be mindful. Check the breed’s adaptability, especially if your puppy will be both an inside and outside dog.
  9. What are your plans for the future? You’re not just choosing a pet. You’re choosing a life-long friend. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 to 15 years? In
    a new city, a new country? With children, a different job? Will your dog fit those plans?puppy with ball enjoying a rest with owner

Choosing the right puppy for your personality is an important decision. While there are no guarantees, a little soul-searching and some research certainly improves your chances of finding the best match. When you are ready to proceed, check out our current puppies for sale and use our puppy personality selector to pick out your perfect puppy.



  • Anonymous

    My Bowie is the cutest. He has an introvert-like personality (if he were human) but is very playful when he gets to know you more. I think he carefully chooses who he would trust and befriend. I wish my Bowie would meet your pet too, I bet he would be curious yet shy at first. Thank you for this cute article, I really enjoyed it.

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