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Welcome to Simply Irresistible Poodles and Bordoodles.  In Southwest Colorado, between Mesa Verde and the peaks of the La Plata mountains, I breed intelligent, loyal, happy Standard Poodles and Bordoodles. Health and temperament are the cornerstone of my program. While I'm fairly new to breeding, it has long been a passion of mine.  A canine companion brings so much energy, love and loyalty to one's life.  I can't imagine my life without a dog. I love poodles for their personality, intelligence, loyalty and athleticism.  My husband and I lead an active lifestyle, we love to hike and ride horses.  In fact, my husband raises and trains Quarter horses.  It's a plus, that poodles don't shed and are hypoallergenic.  The Border Collie is a loyal, intelligent active dog. My husband loves having one with him outside.  A mix of these two breeds creates a beautiful, intelligent, low to no shed, hypoallergenic, dog.  Mixing the Border Collie with the Poodle maintains the intelligence, loyalty and athleticism of the breed while reducing the herding instinct and shedding.  They're fluffy and adorable! It's important to me also to maintain the integrity of the Standard Poodle as a breed.  They have always been a popular dog and sometimes breeders have not been diligent to breed for temperament, health and conformation.  I breed for health and temperament foremost.  My dogs will be wonderful family pets and affordable to more people who would love to have this loyal, hypoallergenic pet in their home


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