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I run two kennels, kingpitskennel and royalpomskyshuskies, I been breeding for over 15 years. I am a certified groomer, trainer, vet tech. I produce to better all the breeders I produce, for great temperaments, well balanced dispassionates, and gentle nature. All my dogs live within my home or are housed with partners or guardian homes. All adults are around children and other animals making their puppies learn proper behavior. I take very much pride in being an amazing breeder and producing quality puppies that can fit for any family.   I also am a sponsor for a all natural dog food brand that I believe all should be getting into. Not because I sponsor but because it is actually very health for your animals and is amazing for dogs or cats that have allergies. If you'd like to order some things for your pets or even for house cleaning and care like shampoos and toys. Look up my website page Your dogs and cats will love everything on this page. Everything is natural no corner cutters and no harmful ingredients that do damage to your pets body over time.


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