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We're a small, exclusive breeder. We've had 1 to 2 mama dogs at a time, currently only 1, and she's retiring! I was born and raised in southern Kentucky, where I bought into the family business and became a breeder. We've been breeding Aussiedoodles for 12 years now! Absolutely LOVE this cross! The intelligence, the fluff; the balance of energy and drive of the Australian Shepherd with the more peaceful energy of the Poodle - plus less shedding. We've worked with many families over the years who adore the Aussie, and have dog allergies. They also appreciate the "chillability." Families that have come looking for an agility prospect, therapy dog, partner for life, playmate for kids, hiking buddy, kayak buddy, stay-with-them-on-their-houseboat buddy... Even a hunter who picked out one to be trained for retrieving fowl! Currently located in South Carolina, we delight in helping YOU on your search for that companion, even if we don't have a good match. We are that dedicated to helping you on your journey. Our dogs aren't for just anyone - they are for people who want a dog to do LIFE with, not just an ornament or passing whimsy.  


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