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We believe all VIP dogs deserve VIP care, especially when things are not going as planned. Whether you need immediate answers from a licensed veterinarian or tips for curbing naughty behavior from a dog trainer, Ask a Vet services have the solutions you need. We are working with JustAnswer to make sure you receive the right information every time, without the hassle or high cost of a unnecessary vet visit.

While Ask a Vet programs cannot replace emergency care for your dog at your local vet, they can easily assist with lower urgency problems. They can also help you decide when to visit your veterinarian and when to watch, wait and self-treat. The average price to ask a question is around $25, but you can adjust the cost based on selected urgency, topic and other features. All new customers are allowed a 7-day free trial membership to ask unlimited questions if they desire. Monthly memberships are priced reasonably and range from a five question per month limit to unlimited questions.

Benefits of using the Ask a Vet Online service:

  • 24/7 availability of verified, licensed professionals
  • Responses typically within 8 minutes or less.
  • Professionals tailored to your needs and query, including licensed vets in specialist categories, dog trainers and dog behaviorists.
  • Professional and private 1-on-1 attention for any question you ask
  • Clear and precise responses and the ability to ask any follow-up questions needed
  • 100% Money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your answer. Or you may request a second opinion from another professional.
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How Ask A Vet Online Works:

We partner with JustAnswer to provide this service.

1. Ask your question

A veterinarian usually responds in minutes.Be sure to provide enough information to be referred to the appropriate specialist if necessary.

2. Connect with a veterinarian

Licensed professionals confirmed by a third-party verification firm. Be prepared to provide any additional information the vet asks for to make sure he or she can provide you the most complete answer possible. For example, the weight of your dog in an accidental chocolate ingestion case.

3. Talk 1-on-1 online

Receive the veterinarian’s answer and ask follow-up questions if needed. Get a detailed, customized answer based on your situation or problem. No copy-pasted or generic answers and all professionals have undergone license and credential verification.

4. Accept your answer and rate your veterinarian

Accept when you are fully satisfied, and if not, there is a risk-free money back guarantee. 

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